Posted December 6, 2012 at 12:15 pm

The St. Clair County Commission met Monday, Oct. 22, with Presiding Commissioner Robert Salmon, Northern District Commissioner Leroy Strope and Southern District Commissioner Gerald Williams present.

The Commission received a telephone call for an update on the status of access on a portion of SE 350 Rd. The Commission had previously determined that there was a legal easement in this area. The matter was turned over to the sheriff’s office.

Bud Hayes brought in paper work to be signed for the Friends of St. Clair County Senior Center project on environmental review.

An error was found in the document and corrections were made and agreed to by both parties at that time.

CART revenues received for October were $51,461.06.

The Commission asked courthouse custodian Steve Jones to check on the outside light on the courthouse and to check one of the gate latches. Winter working hours for Jones were discussed. Jones later reported the outside light on the courthouse was in working order and the gate latch has been repaired.

The Commission engaged in a discussion on mowing on county roadsides. No definite decision has been made at this time on the mowing process.

Commission met Friday, Oct. 26, with all present.

A citizen was in to inquire about grading streets in Gerster. It is the consensus of the Commission that these streets belong to the Village of Gerster and are non-maintained by the county. The matter is being checked and a report is to be made to the Commission on any decisions as the county stated they would be willing to work with the Village of Gerster.

Steve Jones, courthouse custodian, reported painting and repair work in the recorder’s office and been completed. Jones stated he would begin painting the walls in the circuit clerk’s office and apply polyurethane on the wooden bench slats in the courthouse yard.

Bud Hayes was in with paper work to be signed which would amend the CDBG grant (Community Development Block Grant) for the Friend of St. Clair County Senior Center.

Commission met Wednesday, Oct. 31, with all present.

The Commission and Road and Bridge Supervisor Cole Cochran discussed culvert installation and various topics concerning the department.

Road and Bridge Supervisor Cole Cochran requested not to change the department’s working hours until Nov. 19. The Northside and Southside Commissioners agreed. The hours will be from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Sheriff Ron Snodgrass reported federal inmate count of 110 and county inmate count of 17.

Commission met Monday, Nov. 5, with all present.

Road and Bridge Supervisor Cole Cochran and the Commission discussed box culverts on NW 400 Rd. and tool boxes for the department’s pickups.

Sheriff Ron Snodgrass reported 111 federal inmates and 15 county inmates.