Medallion mystery

Posted December 13, 2012 at 9:53 am

Wonder city FAA medalion 3cc .tif

WHAT’S THIS? – Carl Mooney found this lead medallion when he was nine years old in a barn behind his house at 110 Hightower Street. It reads “Wonder City Council # 546 F.A.A. – instituted Jan. 3, 1930 – El Dorado Springs, MO. As a child he scratched over the date to make it read 1900 because he thought it would make the medallion more valuable.

He’s shown the piece to several people including El Dorado Springs Historian Virginia Strain and He Who Knows A Lot About Our Fair City, Ernie Harris. No one seems to know anything about it.

He’s always called it his mystery coin, and it will remain the mystery coin until someone tells us what it means.