Posted December 13, 2012 at 1:18 pm

ECS district math winners 3 cc .tif

Nineteen students from El Dorado Christian competed in the 2012-2013 Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) District Math Olympics. Each student was given a total of three different tests with 11 minutes to complete each one. District Math categories are Reasoning or Computation. The completed District tests were sent to the ACSI South Central Region Headquarters in Plano, TX. Results will be mailed to ECS Jan. 15, 2013. Students that score an Excellent or Superior rating will advance to the Area Math Olympics at Plaza Heights Christian Academy in Blue Springs in March of 2013. Winners pictured are: (Row 1) Jace Henderson, Josiah Batson, Noah Marsh, Ryan Teague, Isabelle Bryson and Brenton LeeMasters; Row 2): Seth McKinney, Caleb Teague, Kiely Messick, Jordanne Steuck, Lanie Collins and Eli Daniel; (Back Row): Tevis Edmiston, Brayden Housh, Laine Dobbs, Peyton Newman, Caleb Jones, Finley Keen and Kraysen Leonard.