Posted December 20, 2012 at 12:05 pm

The Cedar County Commission met Dec. 3, 2012. Present were – Jesse Watts, presiding commissioner; Byron Hamilton, northern commissioner; John A. Fox, southern commissioner; Marlon Collins, deputy clerk; Heather York, bookkeeper.

Minutes from Nov. 26, 2012 were approved as printed.

Met with Road and Bridge Supervisor Eddie Coffin

Mary Norell, Stockton Chamber of Commerce, talked to the commission about the benefits and advantages of membership in the Chamber to further growth strategies for the greater area. Motion by Hamilton to join Stockton Area Chamber of Commerce; Second by Fox.

Watts-yes, Hamilton-yes; Fox-yes

Debra McNeely asked the commission about the closed bridge on CR 25. It was explained that Vernon County was responsible for the bridge and that her concerns needed to be addressed by the Vernon County Commission.

Discussed with John Harris, Country Club Bank, the results of the bond sale. The bonds rapidly sold thus giving the county the lower side of interest rate estimates. John Fox requested all funds be deposited in Great Southern Bank so the county could earn the interest since the county had pledged securities to cover the amount.

Allgeirer & Martin Consulting Engineering met to discuss MoDOT funding and possible bridge projects for the future.

Becky Groff, Cedar County Republican, met with commission to discuss bond sales on the jail.

Commission discussed who should attend MODOT recertification meeting Dec. 6 or Jan. 9. Neither John nor Jesse can attend the December meeting.

Collector met with commission to discus 2010 interest being refunded. It was determined any amount less than $5 would not be abated, but future tax bills would reflect correct amount.

Rick Pohlsander submitted annual child support grant. Motion by Hamilton; seconded by Jesse Watts to accept agreement ER102120020.

Watts-yes; Hamilton-yes; Fox-yes

Motion by Fox to close Cedar County Courthouse Dec. 24, 2012, for Christmas Eve, seconded by Byron Hamilton.

Watts-yes, Hamilton-yes, Fox-yes

Discussed bidding of radios for Road and Bridge, Sheriff Office, Emergency Mangement.

Monthly reports submitted by the following office holders: Melinda Gumm, circuit clerk; David Starbuck, sheriff.

Met with Cedar County Assessor Eddie Johnson to process court orders 16820 through 16865 to add-on the assessed valuation of newly purchased personal property.

Bills were approved for payment.