The Rock Wall

Posted December 27, 2012 at 9:38 am

Hope you had a Merry Christmas. It seems a little strange to say that as I sit here chatting with you on Saturday afternoon. We have to get your newspaper finished today so our crew can be off Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

– Our local businesses will sponsor the First Baby (I’m not sure whether it is actually a contest) again this year even though we’ll have to make one change since Cedar County Memorial no longer delivers babies. The prizes will go to the first baby born to parents who reside in one of the communities the Sun newspaper serves. See the list here on Page 1 above the Rock Wall.

We’d like to have a photo of the first baby with the parents and the attending health care professional. I’ll drive a reasonable distance to take the photo if the winners don’t have someone with a camera available. I’ve known of military families who had their baby in England or Germany. I don’t think I could get there in time. I think they now have cameras in those places.

Be sure to call us at the Sun office as soon as your bundle of joy arrives. Or if it is pending over a weekend, let us know early so we can make arrangements.

– As I sit here to chat with you, the weather has warmed to 55 ̊ so we’re not shivering. Adrian and Davis, after arriving at the office Friday evening, are headed to Springfield to visit Casey (Collins), Baby Christian and Josh Crocker.

At Davis’ request I bought him a deer tag Friday and we went out this morning and watched it get daylight. We sat still until about 8:15 a.m. He vetoed my idea to do a wounded rabbit squall to see if any curious deer would come for a look. When we got to our feet, we spooked a button buck that was about to come into range 75 yards upwind. Then we spooked two big deer as we walked around the timber.

In total, we saw nine deer this morning, one of them, probably another button buck, just inches from my pickup grill as we headed home so I could come to the office.

Maybe Monday. Reckon we could get away with hunting Christmas morning? I’ll let you know.

-There’s a retirement party for Byron Hamilton from 1 to 3 p.m. Monday, Dec. 31, in the Cedar County Court House.

The other day, Byron came into my office to ask if I knew anyone who could put the recently adopted county motto, “In God we trust,” on a 1 x 12 walnut board. He said he wanted to give it as a going away gift after his eight years in office.

He saw the humor when I asked, “Isn’t leaving enough?”

-You have my wish for a happy, prosperous and healthy New Year for you and yours from me and mine.