Operation Round-Up awards local projects

Posted December 27, 2012 at 11:11 am

The Board of Directors authorized the Sac Osage Electric Operation Round-Up Committee to distribute the funds collected thought the optional Round-up program from our members throughout the year to several local and regional projects.

The committee members felt that it is during this particular time of year, this gift would be meaningful for each recipient to provide additional resources for families through their organizations.

The Operation Round-up program uses the power of cooperative members who participate to provide these additional funds. As members of Sac Osage Electric Cooperative, you can voluntarily choose to have your monthly electric bill “rounded up” to the next whole dollar. The most money individual members would possibility contribute is $11.88 over a 12 month period. These excess payments are collected in a special account that is used for such special purposes.

“This program is a very easy way for our members

to help local and area families who need a little help”, said Tom Killebrew, manager of the cooperative.

Please contact our consumer service representatives to set up your account, and start putting your pennies to work. Together our little change may make a big changefor someone else.

The Operations Round-Up committee awarded $200 to the following organizations: 1) El Dorado Springs Christmas Basket Fund, 2) Christmas Fund, Community Outreach, Nevada, 3) Christmas Fund, Children’s Welfare Advisory Board, Osceola and 4) Christmas Fund, Stockton.

ElDo Christmas baskets 3 cc .jpg

ELDO CHRISTMAS BASKETS – Sac Osage Electric Board Secretary/Treasurer Jan Neale presents Steve Wiseman a $200 check for the El Dorado Springs Christmas Basket Fund

Nevada Christmas fund 3 cc .jpg

NEVADA CHRISTMAS FUND – Sac Osage Electric Board President Brad Thompson presents Barbara Long a $200 check for Christmas Fund, Community Outreach

Osceola Children's welfare 3 cc .jpg

OSCEOLA CHILDREN’S WELFARE – Sac Osage Electric Board Director Jim Murray presents a $200 check to Chris McCune and Helen Kidwell for the Christmas Fund, Children’s Welfare Advisory Board.

Stockton Christmas Fund 3 cc .jpg

STOCKTON CHRISTMAS FUND – Sac Osage Electric Board Director Neale Johnson presents a $200 check to Pat Patterson for the Stockton Christmas Fund.