Walker fire department annual chili supper Jan. 12

Posted January 3, 2013 at 12:00 am

by Neoma Foreman

Coming home for Christmas to the home of Rich and Marty Patton were their children, Tony, Ashley and Jessa Patton from Olathe, KS, Jenna and Kris Lowry from Joplin and Dexter Patton from Overland Park. Don and Edith Stockstill joined them for the holidays.

Jerry and Jenise Burch and Helen Kennedy celebrated Cole’s 8th birthday at their home Sunday with Jered and Crystal Burch, Kate and Cole present plus Crystal’s mother, Connie Boden, from Phoenix. Christmas Day, the group met again at the home of Jerry and Jenise.

John and Patty Hallam spent the pre-Christmas weekend in Kansas City with their children and grandchildren.

On Christmas Eve, David and Betsy Foreman, Brooklyn and Carter hosted a get-together and dinner at their home. Guests were Jason, Jackie, Jordyn and Emily McCammon, Adrian and Darren and Shyla Delp, Austin, TX.

The Weisensee family met for Christmas at the home of Christi and Buck Mitchem, Forest and Shiloh at Schell City. Attending were Paul Scougal, Frank and Renee Weisensee, Patti and Glen Collins and family, Lisa and Lance Christi, Regan, Hayden, and Grace, Landon Delgado, Jennifer and Kevin Gilpin, Caleb, Abigail, Emilia, Katrina and Luke, Rob and Kristina Weisensee, Michael, Christopher, Amber, and Rebecca, Deborah Brown, Toni and Jonathan Vorce and Michael,Terri and Chadd Phillips and Devin Scougal.

Guests of Donna Davidson Sunday evening were Dustin and Jennifer Davidson and family, Tyler and Chelsea Davidson and Ali Davidson. On Christmas Morning, Dustin and Jennifer Davidson, Emily and Jake hosted a get-to-gether with Donna, Ali, Tyler and Chelsea joining them.

Chuck Foreman, Kearney, and Tim Foreman, Columbia, came to Charles and my home on Christmas Eve. We attended the Christmas Eve service and the school Christmas program at the Lutheran Church in Prairie City. On Christmas Day for dinner and gift exchange at our home, we were joined by Chet and Marla Foreman, Regan Kannady, David and Betsy Foreman, Brooklyn and Carter, David Souza, Wendy and Brandon Conley and Garrett, Coltin Wilson, and Katie and Anthony Budd and Brice.

The Walker Rural Fire Department will hold their annual chili and soup supper Jan. 12 at the Walker Rural Fire Bar. Serving begins at 5 p.m. There will be chili, soups, desserts, ice tea, coffee and lemonade. A donation box will be available. Please help support the Walker Rural Fire Department.

On Christmas night at the home of Alberta and Glen Hays were: Jen Foreman, Mark and Tonya Smith, Nathan and Dalton, Ruth Foreman, John Foreman, Donald and Becky Foreman, Zane Foreman, Andy and Tammy Hays, Payton and Haley, Russell and Carisa Hays, Quinton and Quade.

Sympathy is expressed to the families of Viola Koehn and Vivan Koehn. They are long-time residents of the Walker community having moved here years ago with the Mennonite group.

Sympathy is also expressed to Glen Hays on the loss of his sister, Judy Spencer.

Christmas Eve guests at the home of Chuck and Linda Gundy were Craig and Jennifer Gundy, Taylor and Symantha, Brent and Sandra Gundy and Shelby, Tyler and Whitney Shaw, Doug and Debbie Wortman and Greg and Annette Wortman.

The Covington Christmas gathering for Kathleen Covington was held at the home of Dave and Brenda Copeland with the entire family present.

Elnora Wallace enjoyed three Christmas gatherings. Saturday before Christmas the event was held at her home. Attending were Linda and Harry Hardy, Brian and Connie Wallace, Brian Lowell Wallace, Suzanne and Greg Prough, Danielle McWilliams, Ashley and Jessica Wallace, Greg and Vanessa Hardy, Tony and Claudia Bishop and Sacha. On Monday, Elnora joined the group at the home of Darla and Alan Arlint. Christmas Day she went with Jack and Sharon Wallace to the home of Travis and Jeannie Riggs and family near Nevada.

Bob and Linda Majors, Chad and Jenny Majors, Brad and LouAnn Majors, Madyson and Mason joined a large group of the Majors family for dinner at 5 p.m. and Santa’s visit afterwards. The family met at the community building in Schell City.

Spending Christmas Day at the home of Bob and Jane Hutchison were Bobby and Karen Hutchison, Corie and Grant, Walnut Grove, Ryan Wallace, Springfield, Debbie and Denny Wallace, Arlene and Mike Good and Rilie, Eric and Aubrey Good and Emrys, Chas and Steve Morgan, Bryson, Addison, Cole and Cale McConnaughey, Valoree and Eddie Hardy, Paxton and Jayna all of Nevada. Bill and Sally Hawkins of El Dorado Springs were afternoon callers.

Lois and Lloyd McGraw hosted a family gathering on Christmas Eve with their sons and families—John and Julie McGraw and Jackson and Vernon and Misty McGraw, Tiffany and ReAnna.

Christmas Eve, Alberta and Glen Hays went to the home of Glen’s niece, Dennis and Tammy Henry, in El Dorado.

Charles and I went to Collins Thursday and met Phyllis and Bob Garrison and had lunch together to celebrate Phyllis’ birthday.

Bob and Linda Majors went to Schell City to meet for the Flake family gathering at the home of Bobbie Harms and Heather and Kirk Haddix. Others attending were Cheri and Donnie Roberts, Donnie Roberts, Jr., Brock and Nicole Koshko, Ashlee, Brooklyn, and Derrick, Walk Koshko, Judd and Reegan, Brad and LouAnn Majors, Madyson and Mason.

Sunday afternoon callers of Bob and Jane Hutchison were Arlene Good and Debbie Wallace.

Christmas Night guests for their family celebration were Brad and LouAnn Majors, Madyson and Mason,Chad and Jennie Majors, Alexia and Maleia, and Mary Ann Bell.

Wes Foreman of Kearney and some friends visited Charles and I Sunday.

NEVC news: A bow was donated by 3 G Archery to Kids First Committee to help pay for the new trophy case in the gym. The winner was Taylor Seats from Lamar. The trophy cases are completed and installed. Mr. Wagner and others are getting all the trophies and plaques repaired and into them. A plaque will be made with the names of the very generous contributors. The glass for the case was donated by an alumnus, Doug Gammon.

A new sign was painted by the art department under the direction of the instructor, Mrs. Day and hung at the high school gym. The next goal is to have one for the elementary

The boys and girls varsity teams will be playing in the Appleton City Basketball Tournament. Jan. 7 – 12.

Girls play Rich Hill Mon. 7 @ 6 p.m; boys play Sheldon Mon. 7 @ 7:30 p.m.; Tuesday 8 girls play Appleton City @ 7:30 p.m. and boys play Appleton City @ 9 p.m. Next game night will be Friday, Jan. 11, but time will be decided on the win or lose record.

For rental of the Walker Community Building, contact Walker City Hall 417-465-2230. Sylvia Keith is the receptionist.

If anyone in the Walker area has news they wish to share with the community, please call me at 465-2389.