Little visitors from California

Posted January 10, 2013 at 11:00 am

by Dora Jean McKinley

Marilyn Entrikin had her Christmas on Thursday evening, Dec. 20. Jim, Peggy, Alec and Andy and his family were her gusts. He, Tanya and the girls were back from California for a week. The girls, Bri 2 1/2 and Brooks 16 months, really had the Christmas spirit. They loved every minute.

My brother, Junior Luther, from Warrensburg, did come for Christmas day to see Tex McKinley and Dora Jean. Eating turkey, seeing movies and exchanging gifts were the items of the day.

Tex McKinley and Dora Jean have been doing grocery shopping at Woods in Nevada for quite a while. They have a very good store with good employees and manager, Lance. We really enjoy doing our shopping there.

Doug Wingate and friend ran an errand for Tex McKinley Friday afternoon. A little talking was done at last.

In the week of Jan. 7, Marilyn Entrikin’s family Christmas was Sunday, Dec. 30. The Moore-Few Community room had plenty of room and a kitchen. Perfect for the occasion. The great grandkids loved it. Plenty of room for them to play with toys.

Doug and E.J. Wingate from Nevada stopped by this week to visit with Tex McKinley. Theresa Brewer saw Marilyn Entrikin at the Dollar Store. She was on a mission, only time to say “Hi.”

Now that Christmas and New Year's are over, what to do with the candy and other calorie things. Some is going into the freezer for later. Marilyn can enjoy Christmas later on.

Tommy, our tomcat, took a short ride Wednesday on the hood of our truck. We checked extra careful these days, no tomcat anywhere. We took out extra slow, both of us think we heard a noise on the cab of our truck, but no more noise. We keep going slowly then all of a sudden a big tomcat sitting in the middle of our hood. He anchored in the middle of the hood and sits there. We stop as soon as possible. He never gives up.