Love note from Jefferson City from Rep. Warren D. Love

Posted January 10, 2013 at 1:21 pm

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Since my last news release, we have finished the last chapter of 2012 and our Nation did not drop off the Fiscal Cliff. Now our National Leaders have many issues to confront and the biggest concern is what I have been hearing from constituents in the 125th district this past year. That issue is the run-a-way national debt and excessive Government spending. However, at the state level we operate on a balanced budget and are not allowed to spend more money that we take in.

So our new chapter of Missouri State Government starts on Wednesday, Jan. 9, when the State Legislatures are officially sworn in. Our Speaker Tim Jones has announced the Triple E agenda, which will focus on Energy, Education and Economic Development. I am excited to be part of the State Team that tackles these issues. I am looking forward to representing the 125th district and being your voice at Jefferson City. My office is 201A and my door will always be open. I encourage constituents to come see me in person, however if unable, you can phone my office at 573/751-4065 or email me at

I want to introduce my Legislative Assistant who will meet and greet you and take phone calls and correspondence. Her name is Debbie Poire. She is a 1974 graduate of Jefferson City High School and has been married to Rick Poire for 37 years. They have three children and seven grandchildren. She is very active in the Concord Baptist Church where she has played the piano for 40 years. Debbie started working at the Capitol in 1990 for Senator Larry Rohrbach. She worked with Senator Rohrbach for 12 years and then Senator Delbert Scott for eight years. Her most recent service has been the past two years with State Representative Glen Klippenstein. Due to re-districting he did not seek re-election. I feel very fortunate to have a Legislative Assistant with over 22 years of Legislative experience. Debbie is familiar with many of the constituents in our district and together we are looking forward to serving the good people of the 125th for the greater good of all Missourians.