Update on Influenza Jan. 11, 2013

Posted January 17, 2013 at 11:41 am

There have been increases in the numbers of Cedar County residents that have flu-like illnesses which started just before Christmas. To date, the number of laboratory confirmed influenza cases reported to the Cedar County Health Department is less than 10 for this flu season. There may be more true cases of influenza, but it is possible that those individuals weren’t tested.

Physician offices and the Cedar County Memorial Hospital emergency room doctors are seeing increased numbers of ill persons, particularly school age to normally healthy young adults and the majority that are tested aren’t testing positive for the influenza virus.

Recommendations to decrease your risk of getting the flu include good hand washing, staying away from known ill people and getting the flu vaccine if you haven’t already done so. We encourage parents of infants and very small children to stay out of crowds. Stay home if you are ill. Seek medical attention if your condition worsens or fails to improve after several days.

The length of recuperation from the flu has been reported to be seven to 14 days.

There are a limited number of flu shots available at the Cedar County Health Department in Stockton and El Dorado Springs.