Vehicle thieves strike in El Dorado Springs

Posted January 18, 2013 at 1:19 pm

by Jarrod D. Schiereck, Chief of Police

The El Dorado Springs area has seen several thefts of motor vehicles.

Three vehicles were stolen at various times from residences in the City of El Dorado Springs on Jan. 3, Jan. 4 and Jan. 14. These vehicles were stolen from the owners’ residence during the earlier morning hours and in most cases the ignition keys were left in the vehicles in plain view or hidden.

These vehicles were recovered within the El Dorado Springs area along rural county roads. On two occasions the vehicles were burnt.

I would like to encourage the citizens of El Dorado Springs and surrounding communities to be on guard and watchful of anyone who appears out of place or are conducting any activities that are unusual for that time of day. I encourage that neighbors help each other by watching and making notes of unusual activities and persons that they observe in their neighborhoods and communities. This collection of information could very well be the information that law enforcement agencies need to bring these thefts to a stop and successfully prosecute the suspect(s) involved.

Remember anyone can be a victim of a crime at anytime. Situational Awareness is the key to protecting ourselves and our property. Please notify your local law enforcement agency if you have any information concerning these thefts.