Posted January 24, 2013 at 12:00 am

St. Clair County Commission met Monday, Dec. 24, with Presiding Commissioner Robert Salmon, Northern District Commissioner Leroy Strope and Southern District Commissioner Gerald Williams present.

The Commission reviewed a proposal for repair of the jail generator. More information is needed on this subject before a decision can be made.

Letters were received from the City of Osceola regarding annexations on Hwy. 13.

Road and Bridge Supervisor Cole Cochran reviewed with the Commission, warranties on the department’s motor graders. Discussed were various topics pertaining to the road and bridge department.

City of Osceola Mayor Larry Hutsler was in to thank the Commission on the installation of the sewer grinder located at the jail.

Pat Terry, recorder, presented a request to the Commission for permission to closed her office for the afternoon of Christmas Eve. Consensus was to let the individual office holders make the decision about their offices, however, the collector’s office will remain open.

Commission met Friday, Dec. 28, with all present.

After discussion, the Commission informed Mike Keith Insurance that the consensus was not to have earthquake insurance coverage on the Courthouse and the jail.

Sheriff Elect Scott Keeler came in to invite the Commission to a 12:01 a.m. meeting at the jail for inventory and a general coming on board meeting.

The Commissioners were informed the jail generator was not working properly, therefore, they contacted Gene Arnold, jail maintenance, for further information. A proposal had been received from Norton Power Systems to remove and replace a transfer switch and controller for full automatic operation. The Commission informed Arnold to contact the company to have the necessary work completed.

Sheriff Snodgrass reported a count of 122 federal inmates and six county inmates.

Duston Farrell, PC Net representative, was in to discuss the PC Net agreement. Attending the meeting were the Commissioners, County Clerk Debbie Peden, Recorder Pat Terry and Treasurer Rhonda Shelby. Terry stated she thought PC Net had done an excellent job; however, her software was through another company and she would not need this service. Consensus was to get a price quote for a renewal of the agreement for the other offices in the courthouse.

Commission met Monday, Dec. 31, with all present.

Jason Murphey Great River Associates, telephoned to update the Commission on the Monegaw Creek Bridge project. Murphey stated when the consent for easement is received from the Corps of Engineers, it will be sent to MoDot for approval.

Jason Murphey, Great River Associates, reported they were waiting for signed paper work from a landowner so they could proceed with the Pape Bridge project.

Sheriff Elect Scott Keeler was in to discuss various subjects regarding the Sheriff’s office and jail.

The Commission signed a certified copy of order for 2012 tax sale over plus redeemed by Williams, Steve and Virginia, in the name of Haslar, Juanita (Thornburg).

County Clerk Debbie Peden performed the swearing in of newly elected officials which were: Leroy Strope, north commissioner; Gerald Williams, south commissioner; Scott Keeler, sheriff; Gladys Smith, assessor; Laurie Stinnett, public administrator; Randy Sheldon, coroner.

Certificates of Merit were awarded to the following County employees: 30 years – Debbie Peden, 25 years – Karen Hubbard, 15 years – Patrick Dean Singleton, 10 years – Marian McCaslin, Patricia Terry, Michael Mullaney, Dennis Shirley Jr., Kathryn Lee, David Lile, John Hart, Dorothy Quick, Gary Law and Catherine Mitchell, 5 years – Ronald Miller, Donald Burns, Kelly Stone and Joleene Simmons.

Commisison met Wednesday, Jan. 2, with all present.

Consensus of the Commission was to meet in special session on Jan. 3, to work on budgets for year 2013.