Hospital board discusses cutting expences

Posted January 24, 2013 at 12:00 am

During the monthly Cedar County Memorial Board of Trustees meeting on Jan. 21, hospital CEO Jana Witt and Chief Nursing officer Dixie Flynn talked about efforts to reduce costs and increase revenues.

All the trustees were present: Cheri Allison, Johnny Walker, David Studer, Jan Neale and Judy Renn-presiding, as were Witt, Flynn, Director of Finance Carla Gilbert, Board Secretary Terri Heitz and Board Attorney Bryan Breckenridge

Witt said that she and the Gilbert had met with every department and ask them to write down specific things they could do to reduce costs and increase revenue.

She said that the front desk would close at 5 p.m. effective Feb. 4 but there would be an ER clerk in the Emergency Room..

Gilbert mentioned that physical therapy was showing a decrease in revenue since Medicare reimbursements have been capped at $3,700 per year.

Flynn asked what the hospital could expect from the Affordable Health Care Act? Gilbert said it was impossible to tell. Gilbert said that the hospital’s year ends on Jan 31, 2013, and she has projected a $452,232 loss.

Flynn said that she is working to eliminate over-time by one third and control educational expenses by only sending the people that would truly benefit to training sessions. She mentioned that controlling supplies would help a lot.

Gilbert said that the cafeteria is increasing its meal prices to at least break even. She said that the dietary had been providing an excessive number of free trays for visitors.

She said the business office got some reduction in the phone services of about $2,000 annually.

Gilbert said for the 2014 budget, she was requesting a 5% across the board increase. She was also predicting a 2% increase in utilization.

Witt said that there was $700,000 in capital requests for the new budget, but the hospital is going to focus on needs of the physical plant.

Medgenix, the hospital’s financial software has been purchased by Prognosis and the support is declining. Gilbert said that the hospital should be looking an at alternative software package.

Flynn said that UR/QI/Utilization Review Coordinator Stephanie Miller will be deployed to Afghanistan starting this Friday and Lynn Frederickson will take her place.

Witt said that the Senior Tax Commission had awarded the hospital $25,000 for in- home services and $9,000 for the Wellness Center in Stockton.

Witt reviewed the list of doctors that have specialty clinic at the hospital.

Specialty Physician Schedule


Jose DeHoyos, M.D.

Appointments: 417/781-5387

every other Thursday

General Surgery

Wan-Lin, Horng, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S. – third Tuesday

Donald K. Wonder, M.D., F.A.C.S. – first Thursday and Friday; third Thursday & Friday (beginning March 2013)

Appointments: 417/876-3613 Gynecology

Scott Beard, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

Appointments: 417/667-6800

every other Wednesday


Christopher Andrew, M.D. – second & fourth Friday

Kent Cooper, M.D. – fourth Tuesday

Appointments: 417/876-3613


Steven Unterman, M.D. – second Tuesday & Wednesday; fourth Wednesday

Appointments: 800-628-6800

*Tuesday is his surgery day.


Rick D. Grayson, D.P.M. Appointments: 417/876-3613

first & last Tuesday


Anthony Tay, M.D. Appointments: 417/876-3613

first Friday & third Tuesday

Note: This schedule is subject to change. Please contact Leisha Hooper, Specialty Clinic Receptionist, for additional information—876-3613.