Tri-County Quilters Club to meet

Posted January 31, 2013 at 9:24 am

Morning message at the Rockville United Methodist Church by Pastor David Souza was “Fix your eyes on Jesus” from Luke 4: 14-21.

Mt. Zion Bible study met in the home of Tom and Beverly Pelkey Tuesday at 7 p.m. with 11 present to study the Bible. We invite you to join us. Call Tom at 660-598-0477

Time to mark your calendars for the Tri-County Quilt Club meeting Feb. 4 at the Rockville United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall in Rockville at 7 p.m. All interested quilters welcome.

June Marshall is busy doing what she does best, shopping and running around.

There is a new building on B Hwy. west just across H Hwy. Its red and real nice; all it need is a quilt block pattern painted on the back of the building. I have one on my garage and barn it looks nice; of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Other states have them on their buildings on their roads and brag about them.

Dixie and Howard Peterson attended funeral services in Cameron for Kyle Holland. Kyle was the son of Gordon and Karen Holland. Our sympathy to the family.

So many of the neighbors have been keeping doctor appointments, all trying to keep healthy, a few had the flu.

Tom and Beverly made a supply run to Knob Noster, having breakfast on the way.

One can believe our Missouri weather, 60 degrees today and the sun is shining. We are thankful for the rain showers early Sunday morning.

Saturday dinner guests in the Zink home were Sherry Peterson, Dixie and Howard Peterson.

Friday Stacy Griffith and Dixie Peterson took Marge Zink for her last doctor appointment for a while, Marge got a good report.

Cheryl Farrell and Julia Snethen visited with Esther Shouse, Ellen, Pete and Rooster. They enjoyed their visit. Saturday Ellen and Cheryl went to the city to visit with Boyd Shouse. Thursday Julia picked up Cheryl in Rich Hill and they went to Nevada shopping.