NEVC – Calhoun game down to the wire

Posted January 31, 2013 at 10:13 am

NEVC vs Calhoun - 2  3cc  .tif

NEVC FAST BREAK – NEVC KNIGHT Drue Hoagland drove to the basket ahead of the Calhoun defenders Friday night. It was a hard fought game with Calhoun holding on for a 70-66 win.

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NEVC LAY UP – NEVC Knight Jacob Maus got a good look at the basket for an easy lay up during their homecoming game with Calhoun Friday night.

The NEVC Knights had a chance down to the final buzzer to win their homecoming against Calhoun. Late in the game, the coach apparently gave them the OK to take longer shots and they paid off. They drew within four but couldn’t get over the final hump – barely losing 66-70.

Assistant Coach Jeremy Barger said, “Friday was very exciting for the boys. Last time we played Calhoun they beat us pretty bad but this game was close until the end and we had a great shot to win the game but fell just short. We had foul trouble early with two of our big guys so some of the young guys really stepped up. I was very proud of the team for the effort the boys gave.”

“Our senior starter, Jacob Maus, stepped up on his last homecoming and played his best game which led to the younger boys stepping up. When you have two upperclassmen on the entire team, you are going to be inconsistent and hopefully we got past that point. These boys are working hard and deserve to start winning.”