Posted January 31, 2013 at 11:06 am

Jan 14 – Report of a stolen truck on Olive Street in El Dorado, call transferred

Report of theft of copper on Hwy J in Stockton, sent deputy.

Report of a two vehicle accident on Hwy 32 and Hwy U

Request for ambulance at 5260 S 351Rd, 20260 S 1485 Rd,707 Terrace Lane, 500 W Vern,704 Terrace Lane

Jan 15 – Report of a vehicle accident on Hwy CC at County Rd 825

Report of vehicle in the water at Hwy 54 and Allison Rd

Report of a vehicle accident on Hwy 215 at Hwy 39, no injury

Report of gas leak at 21230 S Hwy 215, sent Chapel Hills Fire

Request for ambulance at 800 Orchard St, Hwy CC and 825 Rd for accident, Hwy 54 and Allison Rd for accident, Community Springs to CCMH, CCMH to Mercy Springfield, CCMH to Community Springs, 207 W Spring

Jan 16 – Report of a Structure Fire on 1625 Rd

Report of noise disturbance on 1250 Rd, sent deputy

Report of vehicle accident on Hwy 32 in front of the Post Office

Request for ambulance at 10385 S 1625 Rd for stand by on structure fire, 107 E Elm, 811 Owen Mill Rd transfer to CMH, 913 South St, Hwy 32 and Stockton Post Office for vehicle accident, Community Springs to CCMH x 2, 805 N Jackson in El Dorado Springs

Jan 17 – Report of a stranded motorist on Hwy 32 at Jones Corner

Report of copper theft at the campgrounds, sent deputy

Report of verbal threats by phone

Report of property damage on 1251 Rd, deputy was sent

Request for ambulance at 19470 E 1200 Rd, 309 E Broadway, Community Springs to CCMH x 2, Fields and Park for vehicle accident, 1505 S Summer, Stockton Walk in clinic, 23574 E 500 Rd, Stockton Nursing Home

Jan 18 – Report of a structure fire on AA hwy, sent fire department

Arrest: Ryan Rosten for DWI 12 hour hold

Report of property damage and out of control person

Arrest: Ryan Rosten 24 hour hold for Domestic Assault

Report of trespassing at 18165 W Hwy N

Report of peace disturbance at 1250 Rd

Arrest: Kevin Ploth for possession of drugs

Request for ambulance at Lee Hopkins Drive for vehicle accident, CCMH to Community Springs, 12130 S 2375 Rd, 5200 SW 1001 Rd, mutual aide for St. Clair County, 15225 E 1666 Rd, Stockton Nursing Home to CMH x 2, CCMH to Nevada, 6610 SW 1001 Rd in El Dorado, Mutual Aide for St Clair County

Jan 19 – Report of a brush fire at Hwy AA and Hwy N

Report of a possible break in at 711 E Hoff, sent deputy

Report of found road signs

Report of kids laying in the roadway on Hwy N sent deputy

Report of vandalism at the Stockton Park

Possible theft and tampering with motor vehicle at 15685 S Hwy 39

Arrest: Jason Nichols for tampering motor vehicle

Possible fraud at Hwy 32, deputy responded

Suspicious activity at 1218 Vern St, deputy responded

Arrest: Jody Chambers on Polk County warrant

• Report of a vehicle accident on Hwy 39 South

Report of deer hit by car on Hwy 32

Request for ambulance at 206 S Maple, mutual aide in Polk County, 708 Sac St, CCMH to Mercy Springfield x 2

Jan 14 – Report of stolen property at 17765 S Hwy 97, sent deputy

Report of possible overdose in Vernon County

Report of animal abuse at 10725 N Hwy AA, sent deputy

Report of suspicious activity on 206 E Elm St, sent deputy

Request for ambulance 1000 S Allison Rd, 109 W Lafayette, 1001 S Allison Rd, Community Springs to CCMH, 17915 E 1050 Rd, CCMH to Mercy Springfield