Snodgrass Greenhouse reopens

Posted February 7, 2013 at 11:41 am

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Frank and Ida Lambrecht have reopened Snodgrass Greenhouse, at South Main just in time for Valentine’s Day. They received a big shipment of flowers Monday afternoon.

In 1950, Loyde Snodgrass built a little 10×12’ building at the same location, 1201 South Main, El Dorado Springs, where Mrs. Snodgrass raised and sold flowers as a hobby.

Frank and Ida have taken essentially the same route starting a year ago with a greenhouse at their home where they also sell eggs and free ranging chickens. Frank and Ida have enjoyed gardening for years and took a Master Gardner class last year.

In 1954, Loyde enlarged the greenhouse on South Main to 20×30’ using windshields from his auto glass repair business for the windowpanes in the structure. On June 1, 1995, Snodgrass’ grandsons, J. R. Stroer, Darren Toliver, David Coleman and Jerry Coleman, enlarged the greenhouse area to 50×150’. They replaced all the windshield glass with plastic. One reminder of Mr. Snodgrass ingenuity is a car steering wheel that cranks the windows on the west end open and closed. Mr. Snodgrass’ three daughters, Lois Smith, Nadine Baker and Norma Toliver operated Snodgrass Greenhouse until they decided to close it in October 2012.

Today, Frank and Ida are assisted by their daughter and son-in-law, Ben and Maddy Crawford, and their grandsons, Brogan and Emory. Hours of operation are 9-5 Monday – Friday and 9-2 on Saturday. Phone 876-2423. After hours call 876-7415.

IN THE GOOD OL DAYS – Loyde Snodgrass and his daughters, Nadine Baker, Lois Smith and Norma Snodgrass, in this Thanksgiving 1987 photo when he was 79 and the daughters were all 29 and holding.

NEW SNODGRASS CREW – Frank and Ida Lambrecht, Ben and Maddy Crawford, Emory and Brogan.