Grandparents love their grandchildren

Posted February 14, 2013 at 10:04 am

by Dora Jean McKinley

In the week of Feb. 4, I not only saw wired up John Olson at Wal-Mart but saw Michelle Hogan. Ask John how it is to be wired up and doing your grocery shopping. I saw Teresa Brewer at Wal-Mart doing her shopping. Being cold this week, Tex McKinley and I still saw a lot of people we knew.

Marilyn Entrikin said she worked at Barone three times this week and volunteered at NRMC on Monday.

Saturday the Women’s Studies class of Cottey came to Crawford House and hosted a meet and greet and played bingo with them. They are such nice young ladies that seem to enjoy them as much as they enjoyed them.

Sunday afternoon Jim Entrikin and his two little granddaughters came to visit Marilyn Entirkin. They had so much fun. Marilyn knows she will sleep really good that night.

In the week of Feb. 11, Danny Hogan and Doug Wingate stopped by to see Tex McKinley. Not a dull week.

I saw grandpa, Larry Gardner, at Wal-Mart. Larry always has a grandchild with him. Good to see a grandpa that likes to spend time with grandchildren. The grandchildren seem to never forget the good times they spend with them.

Scott Fox was at Wal-Mart. He was grocery shopping like I was doing. I must not forget Shirley Zehr at Woods. Looks like time is being good to Shirley. Looking good Shirley.

Chris Entrikin’s son, Brett, preached at Red Field, KS. He has preached the last six weeks there.

During the storm last week, lighting struck the big cherry tree in Steve Entrikin’s yard. Spit it clear to the ground. Blew big chucks out of it. Some landed on the roof. Steve slept through it, but Rose didn’t so Steve finally woke up rather quickly.

Happy birthday Kenny Entrikin. He turned 47 on Jan. 30. He got a new boat seat and fishing gear for his birthday.

Marilyn Entrikin talked to Peggy Entrikin. She said that Alec has been really busy working at the store days and working nights for the sheriff’s office.

Saturday afternoon Marilyn Entrikin said the women’s studies class at Cottey played bingo with the residents at Chatman Estate. They served refreshments and visited with them. A fun time. They look forward to seeing them again.