MFA acquires Producers Grain

Posted February 21, 2013 at 12:59 pm

On Feb. 15, 2013, MFA Incorporated acquired Producers Grain Company’s assets in El Dorado Springs, Walker, Bronaugh and Nevada. These locations now operate as “Producers MFA Agri Services.”

This acquisition will allow MFA Incorporated to continue to serve customers in Vernon, Cedar and St. Clair Counties with the same line of products and services customers are accustomed to purchasing from Producers Grain Company. MFA expects to retain approximately 40 Producers Grain employees to maintain a consistent professional relationship with customers in the region.

“At MFA, we’re looking forward to working with Producers Grain customers to make this a smooth transition for their farming operations and continuing to provide the products and services farmers and ranchers need to be successful,” said Craig Childs, MFA Incorporated Vice President of Agri Services.

About MFA

MFA Incorporated was established in 1914 as a cooperative built by farmers for farmers. Its purpose is to provide quality products, services and professional advice to producers across the spectrum of Midwest agriculture. Directed by a board of farmer/owners, MFA seeks input from its more than 45,000 farmer/owners to make the cooperative responsive to the changing needs in the business of farming.

MFA’s 141 Agri Services Centers, as well as some 48 affiliates and a wide network of local, independent cooperatives and dealers, are outlets for the company’s core business, which includes:

•feed production, sales and distribution

•plant food sales and distribution

•seed and crop protection sales and distribution

•farm supply sales and distribution

•custom application and site-specific services

•financing services

•livestock and grain marketing

For more information, visit or call Janice Schuerman, senior vice president, Corporate and Member Services at MFA Incorporated (573) 876-5305.