Comments on gun control

Posted February 21, 2013 at 3:35 pm


First – I am a member of NRA, and have been for several years. I support the right to own and bear arms. But I do have some personal opinions that somewhat differ from the NRA and some politicians published opinions.

Second – guns, ammo. And the sales thereof, and the manufacturing industry that produce the products nationally and, some of which are made in numerous other countries, and employees of the industry, have no choice but support guns and sales. This is big business and this industry provides employment to hundreds of thousands of people. A question might be to the effect – how does serious constraints of quickly passing of additional gun control laws affect, economy, employment and world conditions and help the situation our nation is presently confronted with? Are we just quickly placing a band-aid on the wound, or put a cork, in a leaky dam? We do realize that a lot of the recent deaths have been associated with guns. But let’s not forget that the guns and ammo, as was used, was the coroners report as to cause of death, but what brought on the cause of the death(s) are/is a different situation.

And that, in my opinion, is where we should concentrate our effort for legislation as follows:

Use our educational, security and defense systems to educate children and parents on firearms, and controls of such, and how to better identify, and how family and educators should, identify, handle, control and report potential mental children and adults to proper authorities. Let’s not just leave it up to the military, for those that had that exposure, on how to use and control firearms. Let’s further expand our hunter’s firearms training programs for the youth and try to identify early problems.

Third – I am a Korea army veteran and served with the 40th infantry division. My army records will show I spent 272 days in a combat zone area in central Korea, in the iron triangle area, in the so-called heartbreak ridge – punch-bowl defense area in 1952. I am generally familiar with the semi and fully automatic guns. A couple of shoulder and side arms that were choice in the combat area were the Army issue 1911 .45 caliber semi-auto side arm and the other was the fully automatic 30 caliber M2 30 caliber carbine. This carbine, being fully automatic, had 30 round magazine-clips, referred to as bananas, which when taped together, end to end, allowed an immediate field of fire of 60 rounds, when used by experienced gunners.

Question being??? Why these weapons: these weapons, as well as numerous other type of weapons, were designed and developed for defense military purposes, with our tax dollars. The basics being to protect our country, yes, developed for security purposes.

Lastly – I have been an avid hunter in past years, and have harvested over 25 moose and over 25 caribou in Alaska while I lived there for over 30 years. These animals were shot with bolt-action hunter – sport type guns, not semi, or fully automatic guns. I do not think it is sporting to use the so-called military developed guns to harvest animals with.

Finally, and in my opinion, Let’s take a serious look at the magazine/clip capacity to be legally allowed for hunting and ownership, tighten laws for off record hand gun sales, promote gun control training and handling laws, via educational programs and let’s have parents to be more accountable and responsible for gun controls of guns in there possession and get some in-dept thinking for adaptation of laws of how to handle mentally deranged gun ownership or possession of handguns.

Claud M. Hoffman

El Dorado Springs