The Rock Wall

Posted February 28, 2013 at 9:23 am

Brad North is really enjoying the snow with his John Deere tractor with a bucket on the front. Or we are enjoying his use of the tractor at Main and Broadway. Monday he cleaned up the snow and ice mess on Main and Broadway for Alli’s Floral, then came across the street and cleaned our parking places on Broadway.

Tuesday, he came back and did it all again. Becky

Wood said he even went to her house and cleared her driveway.

Monday while he was pushing our ice, I thanked him several times. Tuesday he was too far away to hear me.

It’s amazing the brute force of a 4×4 tractor compared to me with a snow shovel. And there is One that has all power. Man ain’t much, is he?

And Tuesday morning, before Brad got in on the act, Cindi Louderback, Alli’s mom, saw Gwen slip on the sidewalk and came across the street with her snow shovel to make a better path. Robert Frost said, “Good fences make good neighbors,” but did he know that snow and ice can do the same thing?

– Jeanne Hoagland sent an obituary Tuesday morning and asked, “Enjoying the snow????”

I replied: Why, yes, I am enjoying the snow.

Last night we left Kimball’s car at the office because it took me until Sunday noon to get it unstuck from Thursday at the house. We motored in this morning without incident in 4 WD with studded tires. (Motored is a good social news word.)

About 10, Kimball got a phone call and sent me to take a photo of a Springfield Grocers semi that got the tractor in the ditch as it tried to get onto Lafayette off Park to deliver to the Senior Center. Then I went to look at Wanda’s driveway that wouldn’t let her get her 4×4 Jeep up onto Spring Street. I was mashing down the windrow of snow at the end of her driveway to give her a chance to get out. I decided I needed to go just a little farther to do the job right. When I did that, my front wheels dropped over the windrow and I couldn’t back up. I had to go on down into her property, turn around and try to get out. My pickup jumped and bucked a lot but I made it.

Then I picked up Wanda at the office and went back so she could drive her Jeep out. Without snow tires, it didn’t cooperate with her. I took a small shovel I carry and went down to move the snow buildup from in front of her tires. Then I tried it. After a lot of back and forth, I got it going and it jumped and bucked up the driveway.

Then I went to the Post Office so Jill could tell me where to find a delivery person. I found her and shot a photo of her and also of a cat in the snow that we will use on the front page with the stuck semi photo.

I enjoyed walking in the 6 or 7 inches of snow several places with my low top shoes. However, I enjoyed it most when I had just finished shoveling Wanda’s Jeep out and a double – fist sized blob of snow fell down the back of my neck.

Thanks for asking. Are you enjoying the snow yet?

– Get severe winter weather info at:

or just look out your window.

– Received an unsigned letter to the editor. Didn’t even read it. Don’t waste your time, your stamp and my time to pitch it.

– Hope and expect to see you Wednesday morning. It’s a typical Tuesday night drive. No drama anticipated but you never know. I was amazed and thankful that the last storm hit on Wednesday night. Now we are back on schedule.