You could be a Master Gardener if…

Posted February 28, 2013 at 10:07 am

You could be a Master Gardener if:

•You want to learn more about plants and gardening.

•You are eager to participate in practical and intensive training sessions. Training is 30 hours. Cost will be $175. For that, you also receive the core manual, one-time state fees, name tag and handouts.

•You can volunteer at least 30 hours the first year and 20 hours each year afterwards to educational horticulture programs through your local University of Missouri Extension Center.

•You enjoy sharing your knowledge with others.

What do Master Gardeners do?

The primary responsibility of a Master Gardener is to answer questions about home horticulture and to help find environmentally sound solutions to gardening and landscape problems. Extension specialists and Advanced Master Gardeners are available to help and advise as needed.

Other opportunities include:

•Conduct education seminars through the Master Gardener speaker’s bureau that gives educational presentations to groups such as garden clubs, community associations or school classes.

•Work in clinics in the community, helping local residents diagnose plant and insect problems.

•Write articles for newsletters, newspapers and other publications

•Staff exhibits at home and garden shows and fairs

•Organize community gardening projects

•Develop youth gardening programs

•Teach gardening classes

•Conduct home horticulture research

•Assist in senior gardening programs

The mission of the Missouri Master Gardener program is: “Helping Others Learn to Grow.” As part of the outreach efforts of University of Missouri Extension, Master Gardeners involve people in improving the quality of life and enhancing the economy and environment through horticultural education, applied research and the resources of the University of Missouri. If you are interested, contact the Vernon County University of Missouri Extension Center at 417-448-2560. Training is scheduled to run Thursday evenings in Nevada March 21 through May 16 plus one Saturday. Applications must be submitted by March 14.