R-II Board approves new bus contract

Posted March 7, 2013 at 9:22 am

The El Dorado Springs R-II Board of Education approved a bus contract with Durham School Services during the Monday, March 4, meeting.

Board members present were Benny Brower, Scott Cluck, Allen Hoover, Kevin Fast, Gregg Beydler and Darrell Eason – presiding. Board member Jay Farris was absent.

Superintendent Mark Koca told the board that Durham will provide storage boxes under the activity buses at no cost if the board is willing to wait until the buses “age out” which will occur in about a year when the buses become seven years old. The superintendent said that the extra storage will save about $150 a trip from towing a trailer to carry student equipment to football game and such.

Hoover asked how many buses are out for activities. Koca said some days four, several times three and a lot of times, two buses.

Koca asked what he called he $64,000 question> How old do you want the trip buses to be?

Right now, the contract calls for a maximum of seven years on a fleet bus and 12 years on a spare.

The board voted to set the age cap on buses at seven years across the board.

In new business, the board approved job descriptions.

Koca told them the architect wand to survey the grounds for construction at a cost of $6,000 to $8,000. He recommended that the board not incur that expense until the bond issue passes and they know it is necessary. The board agreed informally.

Fast presented a request from the two booster clubs to combine. He said the bylaws require that if a club dissolves, its funds go back to the school board.

Supt. Koca recommended that the board give the money back to the new club. The board approved a motion to do that.

Supt. Koca discussed employee insurance saying that the school may get a 20% premium increase because of its claims history. The school is part of an eight school consortium and is required by contract to give two years notice it will leave.

Koca said he should have numbers at the next meting and a premium budget.

Beydler sid, “I think we should wait and see what our options are.”

Supt. Koca said, “Insurance is a tough deal.”