The Rock Wall

Posted March 7, 2013 at 9:27 am

I had several things on the list I make each week for my chat with you.

Two events over the weekend, took the wind out of that sail.

Just after midnight Saturday (actually Sunday morning), the El Dorado Springs Police Dispatcher toned out the El Dorado Springs Volunteer Firemen to a one-vehicle crash at the bridge over “Clear Creek” on St. Clair County Road 430 west of the Hwy. O intersection with Hwy. H north of El Dorado Springs. She said that people were trapped in a vehicle and that there was a possible J4, which means a death.

I knew it had to be a Big Clear Creek bridge. I’ve heard since it is the Brackenridge Bridge. I also knew that I had no desire to take photos in the dark of such a terrible scene.

I turned off the constantly blaring police radio, then I lay awake for quite a while, sad from thinking about the horrible news that someone would get in the middle of the night. I had no way of knowing it would involve four families and countless friends.

On Sunday morning, the Channel 3 TV news said that people from El Dorado Springs were killed in a wreck.

Adrian called in a short while to give us the names a friend had posted on Facebook.

After Sunday School, Kimball and I went through town, picked up a camera and drove to the scene. There were several carloads of young people at the bridge. There was nothing to photograph. We didn’t think it would be appropriate to take photos of young people looking over the bridge railing where their friends had crashed. We’ve all seen too many flowers at the scene of a fatality.

Like many of you, I knew those young people, not well, but I knew who they were and saw them fairly often.

Then, Sunday night after the revival service at Stockton Missionary Baptist Church, one of the members mentioned that Lloyd Messick had died.

What? Yes, he had a massive heart attack Wednesday in the parking lot of his office, I was told, then after surgery never regained consciousness.

Lloyd and I were in FFA together a couple of years ago in high school. We talked after Kimball and I took the Class of 1967 reunion photo last summer.

And this week, I learned that one businessman/friend started chemo last week and a second one will go to a Houston, TX, hospital in a few days for cancer treatment.

So, I hope you will understand that nothing is funny this week.