Who dunnit?

Posted March 14, 2013 at 9:40 am

PATROL PULLS CAR FROM SAC RIVER – On Wednesday, March 6, about two weeks after someone intentionally pushed a car into Sac River off Vilhaurer Bluff, a Missouri Highway Patrol dive team hooked a chain to the vehicle and a wrecker hoisted it to the surface and up over the bluff. Fred Teed, who took these photos, said it was obvious that someone had stripped the car before submerging it. Witnesses at the scene reported that the Patrol ran the car’s ID numbers through the computer network and did not get a “hit.”

Car pulled from Sac River 4cc Possible front page.tif

Hitchhiker 2 cc (crop, possible front page).tif

HITCHHIKER – This creature fell out of the car when it was dragged to the surface and onto the Vilhauer Bluff at Sac River. The photographer, Fred Teed, reported that it was 10 or 11 inches in length. He said a Highway Patrolman threw it back into the water alive. Tom Priesendorf, fisheries biologist with the Missouri Department of Conservation in El Dorado Springs, identified it from this photo as a chestnut lamprey, a parasite which attaches itself to a host fish and sucks blood and vital juices with its suction cup, tooth lined mouth.