Computers were down last week

Posted March 21, 2013 at 9:19 am

by M Zink and J Snethen

Morning message at the Rockville United Church by Pastor Souza was titled “How do you show love for Christ” from John 12:1-8

Mt. Zion Home Bible study was held, as usual, the second Tuesday in the Joela Danies home with nine present. Joela is such a gracious hostess.

Since some of the computers were down and the electric was out at the other house, we were not able to get the news in last week, so we are going to try and make up for it by using some of last week's news.

Our sympathy to the families of Ester Shouse, Eve Knight, and Mary Johnson, our prayers are with these families.

Did you wonder what your favorite school teacher did when they retired? Some teachers travel, take up a hobby, sub teach. But our favorite teacher, Robin Siegismund, just exchanged the little children at school for kids – goats. When the kids reach a certain age she sends them home.

Dixie Peterson visited Marge Zink. Donnie and Charlene Crayton visited Howard and Dixie Peterson recently.

June Marshell is out and about doing what she does best, shopping and visiting friends; Peggy Baldwin spent the weekend, going home after church. June will soon be celebrating another birthday.

Members of the Rockville United Methodist Church traveled to the Grand Avenue Temple in Kansas City March 9, traveling comfortably in the new church van and disturbed much need supplies to the homeless.

No news because the computers in the neighborhood have been down this past week.

Friday March 15 – what a beautiful day the spoonbill fishermen had. Was a lot at of fishermen at Tadberville Saturday. St Patrick's day brought the rain and some snow but was warm enough that the roads weren’t slick.

Sympathy to the Jim Naylor family.

June Marshall was excited about all the flowers she had blooming She had spent a day with nieces shopping, enjoyed movies Sunday afternoon and listing to the rain.

Dixie and Howard Peterson visited the Crawford Deer Camp enjoying supper and visiting, Tucker was very entertaining.

Family dinner guest in the Stanley and Marge home were Mike, Stacy and Joey Grifith, of Blairstown. David and Wanda Speake from Fairgrove, Betty and Larry Teel of Springfield. Dixie and Howard Peterson, Osceola, Tom and Beverly Pelkey. March birthday and anniversaries were celebrated with St Patrick’s dinner of Corned beef and cabbage.

What an afternoon the ladies at the Rockville United Methodist Church Quilters had. All we had that afternoon for refreshment were pecan, apple, cherry, custard and lemon pies, everyone brought pies to share. We did a lot of quilting. Enjoyed visiting with Jimmy McEwan and Rebecca Siegismund who came with grandparents.

John and Julia Snethen's guest for several days was Ron Thompson and daughter, Brittany, they had lot of fun playing with the dogs. Julia has been real busy with the taxes.