Found grandparents in link to ElDo past

Posted March 21, 2013 at 11:58 am


In re of the link shown below, I was so glad that I found this, as the article included my grandparents, Bert and Gladys Pettibon! They have one daugher, my aunt, Marvel (Pettibon) Beerbower that is still living and resides in Fort Scott, KS. We frequently e-mail back and forth to each other. She sent me an e-mail the week before last, informing me that on March 2, 1913, 100 years ago, that my grandparents had gotten married.

My grandpa resided in Deerfield and I believe my grandma either lived in Deerfield or at least in a surrounding area. I’d have to look in my notes to see if it tells or ask my aunt to know for sure. Anyway, they went by horse and buggy to Moundville to get married, then traveled on to the Deerfield train depot to take a train from there to El Dorado Springs to spend the night in the hotel.

My aunt told me in her e-mail that the horses had gotten cuts on their hooves from having to travel through the crusty snow, so evidently the weather 100 years ago on that day was similar to what we had 100 years later.

I’m sure that they drank some of the spring water that our town is so famous for, which I am almost sure that’s why my grandparents had such a perfect family! lol! My grandparents returned to Deerfield my grandpa farming his land right up until the day he passed away while on his tractor out in the field. At the time, they had purchased a home in Fort Scott a few years before to live in, but had still owned the farm in Deerfield that was located just east of railroad tracks on the south side of Hwy. 54.

In 1961, while we were living in Nevada, my dad accepted a job position as plant manager of MFA Plant Foods, El Dorado Springs. Dad, Mom, and us five children all moved to El Dorado Springs. Since then, our parents, Wendel and Ethel Mae Pettibon have passed away, in addition to the youngest sibling, my sister Lana Gay (Pettibon) Gray. Larry resides in Bronaugh, but three of us are still living in El Dorado Springs, Ron Pettibon, Carolyn (Pettibon) Alexander and myself, Judy (Pettibon) McGuirk, who are still drinking good ole’ ElDorado Springs water! lol!

I don’t know if any of this information is of any use to you, but thought that I’d send it anyway…and besides, it was both interesting and exciting to find this and just had to tell someone! I hope you enjoy this, and if there is any reason that you may want to print any of this, I have no problem whatsoever for you to do so, nor would any of my family members. Any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.


Judy McGuirk

El Dorado Springs,