Museum floor must be fixed

Posted March 21, 2013 at 12:00 pm


Spring is here and it is time to spruce up our homes. The same is true for the Wayside Museum. As the oldest commercial building left in El Dorado Springs it faces challenges that need addressed. The Preserve Our Past Society is asking for the community’s support and help in sprucing up the museum.

Maintaining the historical building is extremely costly. This fall we noticed that there is severe structural damage to the main floor joists of the common room which will require attention before we can open this spring. This damage was caused by the excessive weight of a layer of concrete that was poured over the sub floor in the 1930’s. The weight of the floor has caused the main floor joists to shift on it’s support piers over time. To repair this we need to remove the concrete, redo the floor joints and replace the floor with period style tongue and groove flooring. The work will be done by board members and other volunteers. The cost to renovate the floor, sub floor and trim will be approximately $6,000. This must be done before we can open the doors this spring.

One of the primary ways we raise funds for the museum’s general monthly insurance and utilities is the collection of years dues. Memberships are $10 per individual, $25 for families and $35 for businesses. Our goal is to keep our dues low, but to provide a museum that is an asset to the community. We are asking people to renew their memberships, join for the first time and if possible, provide financial assistance for the common room project.

If you would like to become a member, renew your membership or donate to the repair of the common room, please contact one of the co-curators or board members.

Georgia Detwiler, co-curator – 876-2922

Bob Coleman, co-curator – 876-1873

Board members: Faye Kroger, president; Troy Allison, vice president; Kimball Long, secretary; Bruce Rogers, treasurer; Glenda Baker, Lural Mays, Della Bailey, Allison Shinkle, Lynda Bishop or Dwayne Julian.

Georgia Detwiler