Response to Cedar County Ambulance Board questions

Posted March 28, 2013 at 11:35 am

The Sun sent the following letters to the two candidates for The District 6 Cedar County Ambulance Board position:

In the interest of helping our readers become better informed voters, we at the El Dorado Springs Sun newspaper are contacting each opposed candidate in election races in our coverage area to give you a chance to provide information which we will publish prior to the April 2 election.

We need to have your written response in our office by Monday, March 25. Our address is P. O. Box 71, El Dorado Springs, MO 64744. Our fax number is 876-3848. Our fax is letter size. E-mail us at Please send your answer as a Microsoft Word attachment AND include the information in the body of the e-mail as a back-up. We are on Mac and cannot open PC documents. Please ask us to confirm receipt if you fax or e-mail the information.

A photo is optional. We can use a good quality color photo or a black and white photo. It will be returned to you. We will take a photo at no charge: just call the office to make arrangements. Even if you do not choose to provide a photo or have us take one, we request that you provide the following information.

If you choose not to respond, we will publish the questions and indicate “Candidate did not respond.” We certainly hope you will respond.

If you mail or hand-deliver your answers, please staple your response if it runs more than one page and please put your name on each page.

Thank you in advance for taking the time from your busy schedule to help us provide this valuable service to the voters. Please call my office at 876-3841 to confirm that you received this letter and if you have any questions. Or e-mail me at, but if I don’t reply, I didn’t get it.


Kenny Long, editor

1. Name:

2. Occupation:

3. What qualifications do you have that make you the proper choice for the voters?

4. Reason you became a candidate.

5. What are the duties of this office, as you understand them?

6. What are your short term and long term goals for the Cedar County Ambulance District?

Wes Spinks


1. A. Wesley Spinks

2. Ranch Manager, Spinks Ranch LLC

3. I have successfully managed a cattle operation for the past 14 years. During that time we have tripled the size of our operation. I believe my business experience and ability to make decisions will be an asset to the board. I also have a willingness to work with others, regardless of what ideas they have or what they think of my ideas. This is a quality that is very much needed on the Ambulance board.

4. Prior to my appointment, the board made the decision to change from Mercy to CMH as ambulance service provider. This decision has caused quite a stir. I do not in anyway want to add to the fray. My primary motivation for running for the Cedar County Ambulance Board of Directors, District 6 is to offer a new, unbiased and hopefully clearer thought process to the district.

5. The purpose of the Ambulance board as I see it is to manage the Ambulance Service for the citizens of Cedar County. We must insure that we have an ambulance service that meets or exceeds the needs.

6. My goals are simple; I want the best possible ambulance service that is operated in the most efficient manner. Past boards have done a great job of making sure the district has money set back for rainy days. We need to continue that, but at the same time we need to make sure ambulances are traded in on regular intervals. We don’t need trucks breaking down. Also, we need to make sure we have the equipment in those ambulances that the EMTs and paramedics need to provide the best possible care. To accomplish this the board is going to have to work together. We need to accept that we are where we are and be determined to go forward from this point. One other goal I have is to improve the dispatching of Ambulances. All of the emergency dispatching is a weak point in this county. I would like the board to work with the Sheriff’s Dept. and the County Commissioners to improve it. We have a long way to go just to bring dispatching up to adequate.

Jerry Davis


Receipt confirmed. Candidate did not respond.