Voters reject El Dorado Springs R-II bond issue

Posted April 4, 2013 at 9:51 am

The complete but unofficial vote tally after the Tuesday, April 2, R-II School $7.5 million bond election was 472 yes and 511 no. It took a 4/7 majority to approve the bond issue.

The Sun interviewed R-II School Superintendent Mark Koca Tuesday morning to find out what would happen if the patrons rejected the bond issue at the polls on Tuesday.

He said, “Honestly, unless it is just a blow out in the negative, we will probably run it again in August pretty much as is…our thoughts at the present time.”

“We feel like the project we came up with just takes care of what we need. We are not asking for any stuff we don’t need.”

“August is our last chance to advertise it with 25% of the money being no tax increase. After that we will have to roll the levy back and we will have to ask for a 88¢ increase instead of a 39¢ increase. It will be the same exact money, but it just looks different on paper.”

“If we don’t pass it by August, I hate to say it, but we are probably going to have to start dropping trailers on the property. I have no where to expand anywhere.”

“It’s possible the interest rates could go up. They have stayed down for the last couple of years. Right now, in the shortest term we are looking at about 1.45%. And the long term ones around 3%. We would be selling the bond issue at a premium which will bring in about $250,000. That is our equipment budget for the new facilities.”

“The plan calls for 18 new classrooms, a new cafeteria and kitchen for the Middle School and High School and a Middle School gym and locker room. It will all be attached to the existing High School building.”

“We will turn the existing west High School entrance into a Middle School entrance. The High School entrance will be on the Park Street side. We will have walk-up ramps to that level. There won’t be stairs to climb to enter the High School gym from the south.”

“The Elementary and Special Ed departments will be able to expand into the existing Middle School.”

“The Elementary needs more space. I have a first grade class next year that needs to be divided six ways. There are 115 to 120 in the class.”

“I’m told that right now we have 96 kindergartners we are sure of and we haven’t even run Kindergarten Round-up yet. So we may have a couple of big ones in a row.”

“We are already over 1,200 on enrollment. K-12 this year is 1,250 to 1,255. “