Love note from Jefferson City

Posted April 4, 2013 at 1:25 pm

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Greetings My Fellow Missourians,

As we approached Easter, my wish to all is that we Christians are grateful for Amendment 1 of our Constitution which allows all Christians the right to worship freely and celebrate the risen Savior Jesus Christ.

I began my first day of spring break last week by meeting Aaron Jeffries and Lynn Gilmore of the Missouri Conservation Department. They guided Rep. Randy Pike of District 126 and I on a tour of the 3000 acre Wah-Kon-Tah Prairie in St. Clair and Cedar Counties, just north of El Dorado Springs. Prairie chickens are being re-established and we were able to see how this project is being managed. The Department of Conservation is hosting a “Discover Nature Family Paddlefish Snagging Clinic at the Warsaw Community Building in Warsaw, on April 13, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. For information or to register, call the Department’s Sedalia office at 660-530-5500,

On Monday afternoon, I attended a MoDOT meeting in Springfield and was updated on projects planned for our district in 2013. The project to resurface and add two-foot shoulders to Route 7 between Tightwad and Warsaw is scheduled to begin April 8, according to the Missouri Department of Transportation. When the project begins, drivers can expect one-lane traffic where crews are set up working between Henry County Route PP in Tightwad and Route 65 in Warsaw. The Department says the work will take place during daytime hours Monday through Friday, and that weather and/or construction delays may alter the work schedule.

On Tuesday evening, I attended a Benton County State of the Health meeting in Warsaw. Several agencies presenting included Bothwell Hospital and Golden Valley who both have clinics in Warsaw, the Benton County Health Department, Katy Trails, Pathway and Care Connection. It’s very impressive to learn that the citizens in the Truman Lake area have access to excellent health care.

On my way back to the Capitol Monday, March 25, I attended a “Discover More on Route 54” highway meeting. Plans are moving forward on this project to develop tourism along this historic U.S. highway corridor.

The Missouri Constitution requires that the General Assembly submit and pass a budget. Most of the legislation this week was devoted to passing another responsible, balanced budget, without Medicaid expansion. Even in tough budget times we were able to find or keep money. Just some of the programs include: $2.4m increase for Bright Flight scholarships; $2.5m for Teaching programs in Urban Areas (Teach for America); cut $85k from Department of Revenue for scanning and retention of personal documents; $50k for WWI Memorial and Museum; $1/Hour increase for Home and Community Based Services providers.

I presented my HB 542 on the House floor. This bill will give consumers of eggs often sold at farmer and specialty markets confidence that they are safe and under the same health safety standards as current chicken eggs, with the exception that they are not graded to USDA standard sizes, grades and weight classes that apply only to domesticated chicken eggs. There is no fiscal impact to the Department of Agriculture. The Chamber had a little fun and humor with this bill, as I found many members didn’t know what a guinea was. While I was informing them, the Floor Leader called a “Point of Order” and I became confused and felt I was being reprimanded. However, it turned out to be a planned, fun joke. No food is allowed in the Chambers and someone had asked for an egg to be “planted” on the Speaker’s Dias to be removed. The whole chamber broke out in some much needed laughter. The bill was passed and will now go to the Senate.

Visitors this week included the 4th grade class from El Dorado Springs Christian School and Peggy Kenny and FFA members from Stockton and El Dorado Springs

“Looking Onward”

Warren D. Love, State Representative

Representing the good people of the 125th District