The Rock Wall

Posted April 11, 2013 at 9:48 am

I forgot to tell you last week about how much I was impressed a week earlier by young people and their grasp of technology.

I was 20 minutes away from Pittsburg at 1 a.m. when I got a cell phone call from the press foreman, Greg Cobb, that lasted just long enough for me to hear him say, “The internet is down.” I knew that meant that he couldn’t get our newspaper pages which we send over the internet.

Once there, I stood rather helpless while the editor, Andrew Nash, who had stayed for hours past his normal shift, tried to find the right cable in the maze in the communications room to by-pass the dead internet. Soon there was a young lady looking for the needle in the haystack, also holding up a smart phone so the boss, Stephen Wade, in the Kansas City area, could try to direct her to the correct cable.

The internet provider, Cox, I think, told them the service should be back on line by 3 a.m.

I asked someone who the young lady was and they told me in a hushed tone, “She’s the boss.” I found out later she is Casey Brown, the general manager, who like the editor, is about Adrian’s age.

The press room guy who had driven over from Neosho to fill in for a sick pressman asked their Joplin affiliate to download the pages there and I would meet them half way. Didn’t work. The pages were stuck inside the Pittsburg network.

In a few minutes, I saw Casey and Andrew over at a desk where she had her smart phone laying on the desktop and Andrew was obviously downloading pages on his computer. I asked what was happening and Casey pointed to her smart phone and said something about a hot spot.

Later she told me that she had set up a wifi (wireless internet hub) on her smart phone which was on AT&T, not Cox. That connected Andrew’s computer to the internet and he downloaded my 16 pages and 11 Morning Sun pages which had been locked in the dead system.

When I left at 5:50 a.m. the internet service was still out. So, Casey and Andrew saved the day for both papers.

Oh, last week, I chose not to put us at the mercy of the internet gremlins. I had our office crew copy all the pages onto a memory stick (flash drive). Of course we didn’t need it, but if the internet failed, I had them with me. Plan to do that every week.

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