Posted April 11, 2013 at 11:53 am

March 12

Zachary Bean, no operator's license, $72.50

Colby Charles, fail to stop stop sign, $72.50

Paul Coleman, dog license required x 2, $95

Cole Cooper, speeding 35/25, $44.50

Boyd Culbertson, assault, $222,50

Joshua Culver, poss drug paraphernalia, poss of marijuana, $345

Royal Daily, poss drug paraphernalia, wrong license plates, $270

Michael Enyart, dist of the peace fighting, $222.50

David Fowler, carrying concealed weap, $322.50

Robert Halcon, possession marijuana, $172.50

Jamie Jacobs, DWR, fail to show proof of ins, defective headlight, $592.50

Margaret Jeffery, dog at large, $47.50

Vance Johnson, stealing, expired license plates, $170

Jeremy Jones, speeding 35/25, $44.50

William Leonard, speeding 35/2 5, $44.50

Barbara Lunday, dog at large, dog license required, $95

Renee Oberly, unlicensed kennel, $72.50

Ricky Rash Jr, speeding 45/35, $44.50

Scott Riboni, expired license plates, no operator's license, $120

Margaret Tabor, unlicensed kennel, dog license required x 3, $215

Garrett Vanderwoud, speeding 29/20, $49.50

Shane Vinchattle, speeding 35/25, $44.50

Skylar Walters, poss marijuana, poss drug paraphernalia, C & R driving, $567.50

Angela Williams, dog at large, $47.50

Mickey Winland, speeding 35/25 $44.50

Trinity Wise, speeding 50/35, $56.50

Jason Humbird, shoplifting, $122.50


Cammy Bailey, fail to appear, $72.50

Monica Gardner, fail to appear, $72.50

Angela Garrison, dog at large, dog license required x 2, $192.50

Jamie Glenn, fail to appear, $72.50

Lissa Hearting, fail to appear, $72.50

Austin Hutsell, fail to appear. $72.50

Tagger Kellum, fail to appear, $22.50

Michael Markham, fail to appear, $72.50

Joshua Ohman, fail to appear, $72.50

Joseph Resz II, fail to appear, $72.50

Raymond Ridenhour, fail to appear, $122.50

Jeanne Strickland, fail to appear, $72.50

Bond forfeiture hearing

Hunt & Anthony Clay, bonding Lisa, fail to appear, $225