Love note from Jeff City

Posted April 11, 2013 at 12:37 pm

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My Fellow Missourians,

Most of the bills passed in the House were Consent Bills. We debated on the floor HB 578 which changes the laws regarding the collection of sales and use taxes relating to nexus with Missouri. Several amendments were added and the bill was laid over.

I had the opportunity to meet with MoDOT and Division of Tourism representatives and discuss the “Discover More on Route 54” project. We drafted HB 1017 that would designate Highway 54, all the way from the Mississippi River to the Kansas line, a named highway. It would allow private donations and funding to pay for signs along the route which would increase awareness of the scenic route and encourage tourists to travel the route across Missouri.

Representative Wanda Brown of the 57th District and I met with City Aldermen from Osceola and the Mayor from Deepwater. We discussed the PILT (Payment In Lieu of Taxes) that the counties of St. Clair and Henry receive from the Federal Government which help off-set the loss of revenue on property taken off the tax rolls when Truman Lake went in. Currently these payments go into the counties general revenue fund and the towns do not receive any monies, although they are responsible for mowing and upkeep on several hundred acres within their city limits that are owned by the Federal Government.

My visitors were Brie Menjoulet and Nancy Johnson from Hermitage. They updated me on all the activities and projects that the University of Missouri Extension is doing in Hickory County.

Visiting my Capitol office were Missouri Sheriffs Dean ‘Leon’ Dwerlkotte, Scott A. Keeler, and Ray Tipton.

“Looking Onward”

Warren D. Love, State Representative

Representing the good people of the 125th District