Gun control won’t work

Posted April 18, 2013 at 12:40 pm


Although more and more people are coming out in favor of gun control and stricter gun laws, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that none of this will work. No anti-gun legislation ever enacted in this country has solved the problems related to gun crimes.

Criminals will still get the guns regardless of what kind of legislation lawmakers come up with. During Prohibition, was liquor actually banned and and removed from this country? No, people who wanted to make, sell, or use alcohol still did it. Prohibition did not work and the amendment to the Constitution was repealed.

Supporting gun control is like saying cars should be banned because they are involved in fatal automobile accidents. Cars do not kill people. Careless actions of drivers kill people. Guns do not kill people either. That trigger does not automatically get pulled, a human finger does it.

What about all of the other weapons used in killing people and there are lots of them? Should we start controlling purchasing of hammers, knives, ropes, gasoline cans, etc? That would be absurd. But trying to control purchase of guns is absurd, too.

Strengthen penalties for people convicted of gun crimes. That is the answer. But leave the guns and the innocent people who use them for sport, self-defense, etc. alone.


David Shipp

Castro Valley CA