Students visiting from Cottey

Posted April 25, 2013 at 12:36 pm

by Dora Jean McKinley

Doug Wingate has returned home from the hospital. He said he is feeling fine. Doug, we’re glad to hear that. Tex has kept in touch with him.

Jim Entrikin and his granddaughters, Bri and Brook, came Sunday afternoon to see great-gran, Marilyn Entrikin’s house. They played in Walton Park. Then back to great-grans place for a snack.

Four of the Cottey students in Mrs. Stubblefield’s Women’s Studies class came Saturday afternoon to Marilyn Entrikin’s Apartment for lunch and a visit. They had not seen what senior apartments were like. The Cottey girls thought that they were very nice. One of Marilyn Entrikin’s neighbors, Miss Berta, came for lunch. They looked at old picture albums and listened to a cd of big band music from the 1940’s. They are such nice young ladies. Their ages were 19, 20 and two of them were 21. They told us about their trip to Italy a couple of weeks ago. They are so interesting to talk to. Berta and Marilyn hope they found them just as interesting. A pleasant afternoon was had by everyone.

Tommy, our tomcat, the last two weeks had been climbing the aluminum ladder again. Practice makes perfect.

Jane Schlup and Marilyn Entrikin had lunch Tuesday at Chinese Chef. Always yummy.