The Rock Wall

Posted May 2, 2013 at 9:55 am

Saturday night at the gala for the Lighthouse Children’s Theater, the pseudo George W. Bush was seriously funny. He was the mystery guest who was preceded by two clean cut young men in black suits who looked the part of Secret Service agents.

I wish I could repeat some on the president’s banter for you, but I can’t remember it. I was too busy laughing hard to take notes. And concentrating on what he was saying in order to decipher the malapropisms – you know, a word that is close to what it should have been but misused in a way that is hilarious.

The funniest part was the audience. Mr. President would unload a reasonable serving of humor in his laid back, unassuming manner, then just pause, leaning on the podium and waiting for it to soak in. He could tell when the audience “got it” by the peals of laughter that would erupt 15, 20, 30 seconds or a minute or two later from random tables. I’m not saying the audience was slow. He was just that quick…and subtle.

I’ve heard that England outlawed the telling of jokes on Saturday night in clubs to help prevent the outbreak of laughter in church on Sunday morning. I wouldn’t be surprised that some of that occurred in and around El Dorado Springs last Sunday morning.

“Dubya” is actually Nevada resident and actor Brent Mendenhall who has performed as a George W. Bush impersonator since the 2000 presidential election, who both looks and sounds like the real deal. He owns the Delway Restaurant in Nevada.

If you get a chance to see this guy perform, take it.

– New at the Sun office – Megan Flesher. She is busy absorbing ad building, photo working, etc. from Caitlin Weaver.

– Only a few more days to hunt turkeys and, maybe, to pick some mushrooms. I’ve heard reports that they are still popping up.