Mystery solved

Posted May 2, 2013 at 9:55 am

President 2cc .tif

43 ENTERTAINS AT FIFTH ANNUAL GALA – Nevada resident and actor Brent Mendenhall entertained the crowd at the Lighthouse Children’s Theatre fifth annual gala as former President George W. Bush, a role he’s been playing since the 2000 presidential election. As the “mystery guest” talked in all the press releases leading up to the gala, his appearance caught some people by surprise. It took a couple of double takes to realize that he wasn’t really “W.” Mendenhall has made appearances on the George Lopez show; Jay Leno’s Tonight Show and John Stewart’s Daily Show, and has appeared in domestic and foreign movies. He is a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild and has received a number of industry awards. The Washington D.C. Times says, “Mendenhall’ is widely recognized as the first and most famous Dubya double.” He is a long-time member of the Community Council on the Performing Arts in Nevada and the owner of the Delway Restaurant.

Gala goers had the opportunity to be photographed with “President Bush” for a $10 donation to the Lighthouse summer production of “Tiny Thumbelina.”

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