Twilight Gardeners hold meeting

Posted May 2, 2013 at 10:02 am

The Twilight Gardeners Club held their April meeting in the home of Jennifer Bland. The roll call was answered by 10 members. We planted a crabapple tree at Cedar Ridge and during that time, Ursula Fuller noticed some of the clients starting a garden. She suggested varies ways to help prepare the spot for plants. Carolyn West bought planting dirt to help them.

We discussed other ways we might encourage them. Russell Dyer said he had extra tomato plants. He and Isabel will call and go out and see if they can help them.

John Roseman, Carolyn West, Vada Tinsley and Ursula Fuller worked on the Pink Garden. Marilyn Dresch and Vada Tinsley did Eco-Tots. They made butterflies and talked about plants and flowers that feed the butterflies. Janet Green will do Eco-Tots in May.

Our field trip will be May 17 to Ash Grove. The calling committee will remind everyone. Several members made a trip to see three organic growers. It was Bear Creek, Evening Shade and Wild Goose. It was cold but a good day.

Marilyn Dresch and Rama Hart are planning to go to convention later this month. Carolyn West brought up trying to do something to help the front of the library with flowers. She will talk to someone there and see what we can do. Ursula Fuller presented a program on composting. Jennifer served the lunch.