El Dorado Christian competes at Nevada JV track meet

Posted May 2, 2013 at 10:27 am

The ECS Track Team didn’t let the 35-degree weather stop them from bringing home 28 medals from Nevada Tuesday night. Multiple personal records where shattered as ECS continued their 2013 season.

Results were as follows: Ian Allison, silver medal, 110 Hurdles, Daniel King, gold medal, 400 Meter Run, Hans Miller, silver medal, 800 Meter Run, silver medal, Long Jump, and gold medal in Pole Vault. Sarah McKinney, silver medal, 100 Meter Hurdles, Lindsay Daniel, Paige Dobbs, Brooke Bland and Christanne Middleton, bronze medal in the 4 x 200 Meter Relay, Brittany Kramer, gold medal, 400 Meter, Chaney Housh, silver 400 Meter, Christanne Middleton, bronze medal, 400 Meter. Brittany Kramer, silver medal, 300 Hurdles, Sarah McKinney, bronze, 300 Hurdles, Brooke Bland, bronze, 800 Meter Run, Lindsay Daniel, Chaney Housh, Brittany Kramer and Sarah McKinney, gold medal, 4 x 400 Relay, Chaney Housh, gold medal, Long Jump, Brittany Kramer, silver medal, Long Jump, Christanne Middleton, gold medal, Triple Jump, Sarah McKinney, bronze medal, Triple Jump, Christanne Middleton, gold medal, High Jump and Brooke Bland, bronze medal, High Jump.

The track team travels to ISAAC in Kansas City and State track in Joplin next week.

Golden Girls 3 cc .tif

GOLDEN GIRLS – ECHS 4 x 400 Meter Relay team secured the silver medal at the Willard Track Meet. Pictured from left: Brittney Kramer, Sarah McKinney, Brooke Bland and Christanne Middleton. Picture by Scott Photos

Hi Yo Silver 2 cc .tif

HI YO SILVER – Chaney Housh, freshman at ECHS, won the silver medal in Long Jump. Picture by Scott Photo