Posted May 2, 2013 at 11:27 am

April 10 – James Bur arrested for not having valid license

Report of stolen outdoor A/C unit at 1558 S Hwy EE

Report of dispute over a vehicle on Main Street, deputy responded

Ambulance calls – CCMH to CMH; 805 N Jackson

April 11 – Report of theft at 310 W Vern Ave, deputy made contact

Report of trespassing at 405 E Park, Apt 20, deputy responded

Report of theft at 547 Hwy 215, deputy made contact

Report of theft at 14605 E 676 Rd, deputy responded

Ambulance calls – 101 Winner Rd; 204 W Pine; 203 N Ohio, 805 N Jackson

April 12 – Report of property dispute at 14035 S 425 Rd

Ambulance calls – CCMH to Mercy Springfield x 2; 901 S Jackson; Community Springs to CCMH; Casey's General Store; 9945 S Hwy AA; CCMH to New Beginnings; 308 S Bryant; Maplewood Apts; Firehouse Rd

April 13 – Report of attempted assault with vehicle at Blake St and RB Rd, all deputies advise

Report of shots fired at Orleans Trail in A Loop, deputy and CORP advised

Report of a disturbance in Casey's parking lot, deputy responded

Ambulance call – Stockton Nursing Home to CMH

April 14 – Report of suicidal threats at 12655 E 400 Rd, deputies and ambulance sent

Report of a civil dispute at 2000 Hwy C in Jerico Springs, advised deputy

Report of a dog bite at 310 W Walter by a stray dog, contacted Stockton Animal Control

Report of a vehicle off the roadway at Carmen and First, advised El Dorado PD

Nathan Keith arrested on 24 hold for possession with intent to distribute

Deputies conducted a search warrant at 605 Alta Dr

Report of trespassing at end of 1800 Rd, deputy advised

Report of disturbance at 2935 E Hwy 97

Ambulance calls – 12655 E 400 Rd, Methodist Church; Carmen & First

1305 Greenridge, 200 McCrary Circle Apt 14