Posted May 16, 2013 at 11:06 am

Kid's First donates AED to NEVC Elementary 3 cc.tif

Dorothy Palmer, as a representative of NEVC Kids First, presented the Northeast Vernon County Elementary School with a defibrillator to be used on someone if they were in cardiac arrest and their heart either was not beating, or not beating properly, or an accident happened that caused it to stop or act strangely. If a child or an employee might have a cardiac event at the school, one is now available to help save their life before the paramedics could get there. The cost was $1,467.00 which included the adult and child electrode pads and a carrying case. In photo (from left) Kendall Ogburn – Elementary principal, Dorothy Palmer, NEVC Kids First and Emily Hudson – school nurse. Photo by Neoma Foreman.