R-II Board puts bond on August ballot

Posted May 16, 2013 at 11:18 am


The El Dorado Springs R-II School Board voted at its May 9 meeting to put the bond issue on the August ballot. Superintendent Mark Koca said it is the last time the bond can be passed with a 7/7 majority until the April 2014 election.

All board members were present: Walt Anderson, Bennie Brower, Scott Cluck, Allen Hoover, Kevin Fast, Gregg Beydler and Darrell Eason – presiding.

The board appointed Tania Molz as board secretary and Karen Beason as board treasurer.

The board recognized retiring teachers Debbie Roe, Gay Friar, Barb McClain, Debbie Vickers and Paula Englund.

Supt. Koca went over the FY 14 budget options. He said that 13 teachers are frozen on the salary schedule because of their length of employment. He estimates that the district will end 2013 with a $50,000 deficit which will leave a 28% fund balance, 4% above the district’s goal of a 24% fund balance. He said the fund balance was 33% three years ago when he came in as superintendent.

He said, “State Funding is picking up.”

But, he added, the legislative session is not over yet. Koca said, “The bottom line: it’s going to be a while before we know how much more money we’re going to have.”

The board approved capital projects for FY 2014 totaling $126,320. The total of projects last year was $200,000 so this budget is $75,000 less, he said.

Supt. Koca recommended that the board add a car to the school fleet instead of replacing a van. He said they could trade off the van next year. The board agreed. He said he made the recommendation because many of the staff did not want to drive the larger van. The superintendent will check on cost and options for next month.

The employee health insurance premium has increased to $457 from $342 last year. The board voted to fully pay the higher premium.

Superintendent Koca said the district needs some trailers to reduce class size. He said he did not want to put little kids into trailers because of safety concerns about their mobility if a storm approaches. He will check on cost and options. He said he is definitely opposed to purchasing trailers.

Eason told the superintendent he will have to miss graduation because he will have surgery. He said, “I hate it. It will be the first time I have missed. It means a lot to me.”

In executive session, the board accepted the resignations of Debbie Vickers, Scott Steward, Britney Johnson, Eddie Long – as a para and Keith Butler.

The board hired David Carpenter – High School, Ashley Rogers – High School, Tarrah Foulk – Elementary, Andrea Whalen – Elementary counselor, Courtney Bland – Special Ed secretary and Kaci Davis – Elementary.

Debra Roe retirement 2 cc.tif

DEBBIE ROE – received a plaque presented by Board President Darrell Eason honoring her for 32 years of service as an El Dorado Springs R-II teacher.

Debbie Vickers retriement 2 cc.tif

DEBBIE VICKERS – was honored upon her retirement after 19 years of teaching. R-II Board President Darrell Eason presented the plaque.

Gay Friar retirement 2 cc.tif

GAY FRIAR – was honored with a plaque presented by Board President Darrell Eason for her 25 years as an El Dorado Springs R-II teacher.