Still honest people out there

Posted May 16, 2013 at 11:41 am


Many times we hear of complaints directed to a certain business and/or their employees. However, this is about the honesty and fair treatment shown to me recently by a local business and one of their employees.

The other day I purchased some items from Shopko totaling less than $10. I absentmindedly handed the clerk the money which I thought was a $50 bill. The clerk put the bill in the cash drawer, pulled out the change and closed the drawer. She handed me the change for a $20 bill. When I said I thought I had given her a fifty, she said “no it was a twenty.” I didn’t press the issue supposing I had been mistaken.

Later, the same clerk called me at home and said the store had discovered they had $30 in extra cash at the end of the day. So I returned to the store and picked up the extra change for the $50 I had given her.

Thanks to the clerk and Shopko. It’s encouraging to know there are still honest people out there.

Name withheld by request