Summer School Bus Routes

Posted May 23, 2013 at 12:00 pm

Route 1-Driver: Natalie Roberts

Will travel 32 Hwy south to the 97 and 32 Hwy old junction to arrive around 6:40am, then 32 to Filley, then north at Filley on K Hwy stopping at K and 800 Road around 6:50, than K Hwy to U Hwy, North on U Hwy making stops usual during school, then turning north on 501 road, following it the airport, then turning east to 501 road again just south of Powderhorn, back to 54 Hwy , turning left and coming into town making stops by the carwash, on 32 and stopping at the Church of God Holiness Parking lot for all students in the south side of town by 7:30.

Route 2-Driver: Brian Goatley

Will travel south on HH Hwy to Virgil City by 6:50; continuing south at Virgil on county road going past Parrish Farm area to Montevallo Park by 7:00; Then heading east on E Hwy to 3125 Rd and turning north to 1000 Road, east to 101 Road, north to BB Hwy, and over to 151 Road north towards the Union Hall Baptist Church, going First Street north to Fields Blvd. east.

Route 3-Driver: Janice Tucker

Will travel 54 Hwy west to the Roadside Park by 7:05 , and back to AA Hwy in Dederick, heading north on AA Hwy to EE Hwy and east on EE to town, making the last stop on Spring Street by the City Pool at 7:30.

Route 4- Driver: Alan Richardson

Will travel 54 Hwy east to Cedar Springs at around 6:30, than continue to Blackjack meeting children at the bridge at 6:40, returning to Cedar Springs around 6:50 and going north on DD Hwy to the Tiffin Baptist Church around 7:00, back towards town on 82 Hwy, making a stop in front of the Liston Youth Center at Main and Cruce Street about 7:10 and turning east on Broadway stopping in Front of the Methodist Church 7:20, then to Summer Street making a stop at Summer and Thompson by 7:30.

Route 5- Driver: Scott Roe Monitor: Claudia Bishop

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