ElDo Community Foundation awards memorial scholarships

Posted May 23, 2013 at 12:00 pm

It is with great pride and respect that the El Dorado Springs Community Foundation works with families in honoring the memory of their loved ones. We are pleased to announce the 2013 El Dorado Springs Community Foundation memorial scholarship recipients.

Derrick Taylor, son of Dave and Jan Taylor, is the 2013 recipient of the Doc and Bonnie Bender Scholarship, and Hannah Bruggeman, daughter of Mark and Sherry Bruggeman, is the recipient of the 2012 Dorothy Pope Memorial Nursing Scholarship.

The Doc and Bonnie Bender Memorial Scholarship was established by the Bender family to honor their parents. Doc and Bonnie came to El Dorado Springs in 1951, made this their home and raised their family of four children here. Doc served this community as a veterinarian until he retired in 1988. Bonnie’s primary role was raising the family and along with Doc she was active in supporting the community, their church and their neighbors. Doc and Bonnie encouraged and inspired their children to seek out higher education, and each of their four children have successfully achieved professional careers in education, nursing and law.

In honor of their parents, the Bender children have created a memorial scholarship to be offered to El Dorado Springs high school seniors. Since 2007, there have been nine seniors from El Dorado Springs who have been awarded the Doc and Bonnie Scholarship. The scholarship is a three-year renewable scholarship with $500 being offered in year 1, $750 awarded in year 2, and $1,000 awarded in year 3.

The Dorothy Pope Memorial Nursing Scholarship was created by family and friends of the late Dorothy Pope. Dorothy received her Registered Nursing degree at St. John’s Hospital in St. Louis in 1930. She spent most of her adult life in El Dorado Springs raising her family here and working at the El Dorado Springs Shoe Factory as their nurse and then as Director of Nursing at Cedar County Memorial Hospital. She was actually a member of the very first nursing staff at Cedar County Memorial Hospital and spent many years working for the Red Cross. Dorothy’s dedication and commitment to nursing inspired her family and friends to honor her with a nursing scholarship so that her influence would continue to be felt in this community.

This nursing scholarship has been awarded each year since 2006, and we are seeing recipients of this scholarship fulfill their dream of becoming a registered nurse and actually working in this community demonstrating the perpetuity of Dorothy’s legacy. This scholarship is a $250 annual scholarship and is available to residents of Cedar County who are seeking to become a registered nurse.

Memorial scholarships provide an opportunity to not only remember your loved one but also to create a lasting legacy in honor of that loved one. Providing financial assistance to promote the development and education of our youth offers encouragement for higher education which is the ultimate gift for any young person.

Education is the means to opening doors and offering many choices to our youth – without education life choices become more limited. We encourage all high school seniors to seek out scholarship opportunities with their high school counselor each year.