El Dorado Springs Middle School is Proud to Present the 2012 – 2013 Awards

Posted May 30, 2013 at 10:40 am

Eagles scholarship winners 2 cc.tif

EAGLES SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS – for 2013 are (from left) Misty Elliston – $1000 renewable nursing scholarship, Brooke L Stacy – $1000 members child scholarship and Danielle Hillsman – $1000 open scholarship.

7th Grade Geography -Mr. Josh Smith

Certificate for highest grade in each hour – 1st – Caleb Alexander, 2nd – Payton Babcock, 3rd – Amy Ford, 4th – Paige Esry, 6th – Bianca Meyers and 7th – Alexis Tough.

Medalist – Amy Ford

8th Grade American History – Mrs. Cindy Graves

Highest Grade – Shane Trowbridge

Certificate-Best All Around Student – Madison Posey

6th Grade Social Studies – Mr. Kevin Powell

Outstanding Certificates – Makenzie Melton and Donovan Collins

Most Improved Certificates – Sydney Loomis and Darrien Roberts

8th Grade Science – Ms Laura Ross

A/B Grade all four Quarters – Skyler Baldwin, Nina Friedli, Kris Rodgers, Matt Thornhill, Charles Foster, Sadie Hunter, Katen Whitaker, Hannah Johnson, KaLynn Perrodin, Dalton Potter, Brendan Reddick, Tiffany Gardner, Michaela Trotter, Wyatt Cartwright, Dayton Austin, Jamie Isaacs, Courtney Lame, Nathan Smith, Tori Spencer, Carolyn Todd, Sarah Dingerson, Haley Wise.

A grade all four quarters: Nica Hillsman, Tyler Goatley, Jamie Johnson, Candice Loane, Joe Pollack, Ethan Dubois, Kinlee Ihde, Anna Cartwright, Raelynn Knight, Brooke Redburn, Shane Trowbridge, Madison Posey, Chelby Swartz, Santara Best, Ethan Koehn

7th Grade Science – Mrs. Rachel Stauffer

A/B all 4 quarters: Payton Babcock, Kayla Collins, Paige Esry, Branden Hayes, Cassie Moore, Jake Schieffer, Kiley Studer, Alexis Tough, Dual Wardlow, Molly Wynne, Jenna Fritts, Alex O’Banion, Christopher Reddick, Madison Whitaker, Terance DelValle, Wyatt Foster, Kelsey Penn, Kaylee Smith, Bailey Tyler, Caleb Alexander, Hayley Broughton, Khara Burley, Kade Collins, Austin Dobbs, Sara Garzee, Kiley Gerster, Gabrielle Griggs, Ashley Knoll, Tristton Minehardt, Shelby North, Ryan Raddatz, Emily Ring, Kaiden Simmons, Paige Floyd, Kaylee Mills, Kennedi Murdock, Amy Ford, Wyatt Graves, Bryon Hogan, Chance Koger, Tiffany Nikodim, Gavin Reed, Cody Rutledge, Keli Tough, Haylea Walker.

Medalist – Ashley Knoll

6th Grade Science – Mr. Tim Dade

The science award for 6th grade in Mr. Dade’s class is given to students who show a genuine interest in science and bring their knowledge they have learned back into the classroom through example or conversation. These two students have a genuine love for science and show great potential in the science field: Allaura Stockbauer and Darrien Roberts

6th Grade Math – Mrs. Sandy Lackey

Sudoku Champions at Osceola Math Competition – Andrew Berndt and Kaylee Griggs

Tangram Puzzles Champions at Osceola Math Competition – Makenzie Melton and Tanner Witt

All A’s for all 4 quarters: Trey Babcock, Andrew Berndt, Abbigail Cartwright, Donovan Collins, Samantha Cox, Hunter Jacobs, Bradley McCullick, Makenzie Melton, Caleb Mooney, Gavin Mooney, Jamie Nikodim, Nicholas Raddatz, Skyler Ricci, Taylor Robison, Tanner Witt

Top Math Award – Donovan Collins

7th Grade Math and Pre-Algebra – Miss Holly Hohbein

Math – Terance Delvalle, Paige Floyd, Kaylee Mills, Tristton Minehardt, Bailey Tyler, Jodie Kirby, Hayley Broughton, Kelsey Penn, Haylea Walker, Colton Collins, Chance Koger, Bianca Myers, Alex O’Banion.

Pre-Algebra – Caleb Alexander, Khara Burley, Kade Collins, Austin Dobbs, Paige Esry, Amy Ford, Branden Hayes, Ashley Knoll, Kiley Studer, Molly Wynne, Payton Babcock, Kayla Collins, Sara Garzee, Wyatt Graves, Gabby Griggs, Cassie Moore, Kennedi Murdock, Tiffany Nikodim, Ryan Raddatz, Chris Reddick, Kaiden Simmons, Alexis Tough, Keili Tough.

8th Grade Math and Algebra – Mr. Mike Durnell

Math – Anna Cartwright

Algebra – Tyler Goatley

7th Grade English – Mrs. Jane Griffin

Highest Grade – 1st – Khara Burley, 2nd – Amy Ford, 3rd – Payton Babcock, 4th – Paige Esry and Ryan Raddatz, 5th – Ashley Knoll and Bailey Tyler, 6th – Keili Tough, 7th – Kiley Studer and Alexis Tough

A’s all 4 Quarters – Caleb Alexander, Kayla Collins, Paige Floyd, Kaylee Mills, Cassie Moore, Kennedi Murdock, Tiffany Nikodim, Alex O’Banion, Chris Reddick, Emily Ring, Kaiden Simmons, Molly Wynne

Medalist – Khara Burley

Accelerated Reader Awards – 1st – Noah Spurgeon, 2nd – Ashley Knoll, 3rd – Caleb Miller, 4th – Ryan Raddatz, 5th – Khara Burley, 6th – Paige Floyd, 7th – Kaylee Mills, 8th – Bailey Tyler, 9th – Kelsey Penn, 10th – James Walker

Medalist – Noah Spurgeon

Most Books Read – Ashley Knoll

Accelerated Reader Goals Met all 4 Quarters: Caleb Alexander, Payton Babcock, Kayla Collins, Austin Dobbs, Paige Esry, Amy Ford, Jenna Fritts, Wyatt Graves, Bryon Hogan, Jodie Kirbey, Jason Leer, Matt Lurten, Cassie Moore, Kennedi Murdock, Tiffany Nikodim, Alex O’Banion, Chris Reddick, Emily Ring, Jake Schieffer, Kaiden Simmons, Alexis Tough, Keili Tough, Molly Wynne.

8th Grade English – Mrs. Stephanie Steward

Accelerated Reader Goals Met all 4 Quarters: Zayne Anderson, Dayton Austin, Skyler Baldwin, Santara Best, Riley Boyd, Wyatt Bradford, Anna Cartwright, Ashlie Cartwright, Wyatt Cartwright, Sarah Dingerson, Chadd Ellison, Charles Foster, Nina Friedli, Dalton Fuller, Tyler Goatley, Colton Good, James Haines, Nica Hillsman, Roy Hooper, Kyle Hunt, Sadie Hunter, Hannah Johnson, Brianna Jones, Raelynn Knight, Rickayala Knight, Courtney Lame, Taylor Owsley, Blaze Pierce, Joe Pollack, Madison Posey, Dalton Potter, Brooke Redburn, Kris Rodgers, Allison Ross, Anyssa Salazar, Tori Spencer, Jimmy Stephens, Dylan Steward, Chelby Swartz, Matthew Thornhill, Carolyn Todd, Shane Trowbridge, Katen Whitaker, Cole Williams, Samuel Willoughby, Haley Wise.

Most Books Read – Raelynn Knight

Highest Class Average – Joseph Pollack

6th Grade English – Mrs. Trish Boyles

Highest Grade Percentage Per Hour – 2nd – Makenzie Melton, 3rd – Donovan Collins, 4th – Taylor Robison, 5th – Landon Hutchison, 6th – Jamie Nikodim, 7th – Brenna Dipman

Overall Highest Percentage for year – Donovan Collins

Improvement Award – Darrien Roberts

6th Grade Study Skills – Mrs. Melanie Steward

Reading Achievement Award for meeting AR Goal all 4 Quarters – Brenna Dipman, Todd Fetters, Landon Hutchison, Bradley McCullick, Gavin Mooney, Austin Schlup, Madison Scott, Lance Smith, Madison Thompson, Cade Whitesell, Kyle Allen, Trey Babcock, Dagan McIntire, Makenzie Melton, Katie Miller, Katelyn Torres, Donovan Collins, Cameron Hargrove, Alex Harkness, Jamie Nikodim, Adam Peters, Nicholas Raddatz, Darrien Roberts, Tenera Turner, Glen VanBummel, Abbigail Cartwright, Mikayla Loane, Maddison Marbough, Shelby McKinney, Alexis Pinkman, Victoria Rawlings, Skyler Ricci, Taylor Robison, Allaura Stockbauer, Andrew Berndt, Jace Cundiff, Kaylee Griggs, Gavin McNeely, Caleb Mooney, Joshiah Ruston, Jade Turner, Tanner Witt, Samantha Cox, Hunter Jacobs, Emmee Jamison, Brooke Murdock.

Reading Achievement Award for Top AR Points each class hour – 2nd – Brenna Dipman, 3rd – Makenzie Melton, 4th – Donovan Collins, 5th – Allaura Stockbauer, 6th – Andrew Berndt, 7th – Samantha Cox.

Study Skills Award for Top Grade in each class hour – Madison Scott-2nd Hour,

Makenzie Melton-3rd Hour, Donovan Collins-4th Hour, Allaura Stockbauer-5th Hour, Andrew Berndt-5th Hour, Samantha Cox-7th Hour

Improvement Award for Study Skills & AR Reading Program for each class – 2nd – Colton Keith, 3rd – Justin Ellison, 4th – Darrien Roberts, 5th – Levi Smith, 6th – Jade Turner, 7th – Kora Cooper

Study Skills Medalist – Makenzie Melton

AR Medalist – Samantha Cox

7th and 8th Grade English and Math – Mrs. Dana Abercrombie

Top English Student: Nick Mahurin – 7th grade and Rickayla Knight – 8th grade

Top Math Student: Aaron Simrell – 7th grade andNica Hillsman – 8th grade

AR Goal All Four Quarters Award – Dakota Long, Nick Mahurin, Aaron Simrell, Jimmy Stephens, Chadd Ellison, Nina Friedli, Rickayla Knight, Kris Rodgers, Matt Thornhill, Amanda Wise.

6th, 7th and 8th Grade Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies – Mrs. Misty Butterfield

Reading – AR goal all 4 quarters (6th grade) – Casey Eslinger andAmy Lutz

Reading – AR goal all 4 quarters (7th grade) – Dylan Bemis, Justin Hunt and Jacob Smith

Reading – AR goal all 4 quarters (8th grade) – Wyatt Bradford, Dalton Fuller, Roy Hooper, Kyle Hunt and Samuel Willoughby

Top Math Student – Samuel Willoughby

Top Science Student – Wyatt Bradford

Top Social Studies Student – Wyatt Bradford

Top English Student – Samuel Willoughby

6th, 7th and 8th Grade English, Math, and Reading – Mrs. Catherine Finegan

English Highest Percentage (8th grade) – Nica Hillsman

English Highest Percentage (6th grade) – Brent Jackson

Reading Highest Percentage – Brittany Stephens

AR goal all four quarters – Harley Funk and Brent Jackson

Math Highest Achievement Award – Nick Mahurin

Math Highest Percentage Award – Courtney Templin

Math – Hard Work and Diligence Award – Austin Schlup

6th, 7th and 8th Grade Boy’s P.E. and Weights – Coach Brian Koehler

In recognition of these students that have made the 500, 600, 700 or 800 pound club in weight lifting in these lifts combined bench, squat, power clean and push press.

500 Pound Club (8th grade) – Matthew Thornhill, Calvin Gish, Riley Boyd, Nathaniel Smith, Kevin York and Dalton Ogle

500 Pound Club (7th grade) – Austin Henson and Tristton Minehardt

600 Pound Club (8th grade) – Dayton Austin, Levy Smith, Shane Trowbridge, Kaghan Mays, Lance Hall, Brendan Reddick

600 Pound Club (7th grade) – Chance Koger and Gavin Reed

700 Pound Club (8th grade) – Ethan Dubois and Jamie Isaacs

700 Pound Club (7th grade) – Zachary Smith

800 Pound Club (8th grade) – Haden Foster and Chevy Ashbaker

6th, 7th and 8th Grade Girl’s P.E. – Coach Tonya Hooper

Outstanding 6th grade – JoDanna Gapan

Outstanding 7th grade – Khara Burley

Outstanding 8th grade – Brooke Redburn

PE Character award – Abbigail Cartwright

8th Grade Health – Coach Tonya Hooper

1st Semester – Haley Wise; 2nd Semester – Joe Pollaack; 3rd Hour Class Outdoor Living – Coach Jarrod Mays

Highest Percentage – Bailey Tyler

Journalism – Mrs. Debra Marsh

Journalism Award – Joseph Watson

Technology – Mr. Ed Harrall

Technology I (1st semester) – Allison Ross

Technology I (2nd semester) – Kaghan Mays

Technology II – Santara Best

Technology (7th grade) – Paige Floyd, Cassie Moore, Jodie Kirbey

Computer Literacy and Computer Science – Mrs. Terri Alumbaugh

Computer Literacy – Ryan Raddatz – Medalist, Chance Koger, Paige Esry, Kiley Studer, Gabby Griggs, Amy Ford, Chris Reddick, Caleb Alexander, Bailey Tyler, Kaylee Smith, Keili Tough, Payton Babcock

Computer Science – Shane Trowbridge – Medalist

6th, 7th and 8th Grade Art – Mr. Brett Stump

Outstanding Artists – Brooke Redburn, Jonathan Nickerson, Makenzie Melton

Drama, Speech and Debate – Mrs. Nicole Smith

Drama – Brennna Dipman – Medalist, Kelsey Penn, Sarah Dingerson, Gavin Mooney, Ryan Raddatz, Shane Trowbridge

Speech and Debate – Keili Tough – Medalist, Carolyn Todd, Chris Reddick, Sarah Overman

6th, 7th and 8th Grade Choir – Mr. Ron Alumbaugh

EMS Middle School Awards and results Fort Scott Community College Contest results Solos: Student performer, grade, music selection and rating.

Anna Cartwright – 8th, Danny Boy, 1-

Haley Wise – 8th, Goober Peas, 1-

Carolyn Todd – 8th, Come all ye fair and tender ladies, 1

Justin Ellison – 6th, The Coasts of High Barbary, 1-

Gavin McNeely – 6th, Red, Red Rose, 2+

Kaylee Griggs – 6th, Homeward Bound, 1-

Kelly Bruce – 6th, The Curse, 1

Kennedi Murdock – 7th, Let Me In, 1

Brooke Murdock – 6th, At the River, 2+

Shelby North – 7th, The Lass from the Low Countree, 1

Wyatt Cartwright – 8th, Shenandoah, 1

Ashley Colbert – 7th, Sun Down Sea, 1

Molly Wynne – 7th, Early One Morning, 1

Alexis Tough – 7th, Lass from the Low Countree, 1

Kayla Collins – 7th, Let Me In, 1

Amy Ford – 7th, Behind the Waterfall, 1-

Paige Esry – 7th, The Melody Within, 1

Sydney Loomis – 6th, Let Me In, 2+

Madison Posey – 8th, The Melody Within, 1

Piano Solo

Caleb Alexander – 7th, TBA, 1

Small Ensembles

High Road – High Road Home – 2, Chelby Swartz, Madison Whitaker, Kiley Gerster, Madison Posey

Make a Difference – Make A Difference – 2, Bailey Tyler, Kendra Wheeler, Madison Whitaker, Bianca Myers

Stronger – Stronger With Time – 2, Alexis Pinkman, Justice Marcum, Karma Austin, Bryce Wosoba, Brent Jackson

Jelly Beans – Pie Jesu – 2, Kaylee Griggs, Brooke Murdock, Kelly Bruce

Uneven Dozen – Canticle of Praise – 1, Rickayla Knight, Wyatt Cartwright, Noah Spurgeon, Madison Posey, Carolyn Todd, Haley Wise, Kayla Collins, Anna Cartwright, Kennedi Murdock, Ashley Colbert

Ja Becca – The Wind – 1, Caleb Miller, Carolyn Todd

26 Forever – Sing with Jubilation – 2, Gavin McNeely, Amanda Dingerson

C2 – Shenandoah – 1, Charlie Lines, Caleb Miller

Large Ensembles

Mixed 7&8 – Wayfarin Stranger – 1, Song for the World, Elijah Rock, Yonder Come Day

Mixed 6th – Wayfarin Stranger – 2, Song for the World, Elijah Rock, Yonder Come Day

Sound Investment (7th & 8th) – Everybody Rejoice – 1, Unwritten, Man in the Mirror, Proud, Get on Your Feet

Sound Investment, Too (6th) – Everybody Rejoice – 2, Unwritten, Man in the Mirror, Proud, Get on Your Feet

Honor Choir and Show Choir – Bettis, Chance; Bruce, Kelly; Cartwright, Abbi; Cartwright, Laylee; Colbert, Ashley; Collins, Kayla; Dingerson, Amanda; Dipman, Brenna; Ellison, Justin; Esry, Paige; Gerster, Kiley; Gonterman-Helm, Piper; Griggs, Kaylee; Hacker, Madison; Lines, Charlie; Loane, Mikayla; Loomis, Sydney; Marcum, Justice; McNeely, Gavin; Miller, Caleb; Murdock, Brooke; Murdock, Kennedi; Myers, Bianca; North, Shelby; Pinkman, Alexis; Rash, Rebecca; Smith, Taya; Snodgrass, Allyson; Snyder, Katrina; Stockbauer, Allura; Tough, Keili; Tyler, Bailey; Wynne, Molly; Young, China

Medalist – Wyatt Cartwright, Carolyn Todd and Paige Esry

Certificates for Full Participation and Performance – Bettis, Chance; Bruce, Kelly; Cartwright, Abbigail; Cartwright, Anna; Cartwright, Wyatt; Colbert, Ashley; Collins, Colton; Collins, Kayla; Dingerson, Amanda; Dubois, Ethan; Ellison, Justin; Esry, Paige; Ford, Amy; Fritts, Jenna; Griggs, Kaylee; Ihde, Kinlee; Knight, Rickayla; Loane, Candice; Loane, Mikayla; McNeely, Gavin; Meyer, Emma; Miller, Caleb; Murdock, Brooke; Murdock, Kennedi; North, Shelby; O’Banion, Alex; Ogle, Dalton; Perrodin, KaLynn; Robison, Taylor; Spurgeon, Noah; Todd, Carolyn; Tough, Alexis; Tough, Keili; Wise, Haley; Marcum, Justice; Gerster, Kiley; Lines, Charlie; Posey, Madison

ElDo Middle School outstanding students of the quarter

Quarter 1

6th Grade

Andrew Berndt

Makenzie Melton

7th Grade

Wyatt Foster

Kennedi Murdock

8th Grade

Madison Posey

Shane Trowbridge

Quarter 2

6th Grade

Donovan Collins

Taylor Robison

7th Grade

Chance Koger

Kahra Burley

8th Grade

Jimmy Stephens

Rikayla Knight

Quarter 3

6th Grade

Nick Raddatz

Madison Scott

7th Grade

Zach Smith

Emily Ring

8th Grade

Joe Pollack

Brooke Redburn

Quarter 4

6th Grade

Ally Stockbauer

Landon Huchison

7th Grade

Amy Ford

Caleb Alexander

8th Grade

Santara Best

Wyatt Cartwright

A’s all 4 Quarters (6th grade)

Andrew Berndt

Abby Cartwright

Donovan Collins

Makenzie Melton

A’s all 4 Quarters (7th grade)

Caleb Alexander

Payton Babcock

Ashley Knoll

Amy Ford

Tiffany Nikodim

Ryan Raddatz

Kaiden Simmons

Bailey Tyler

Paige Esry

A’s all 4 Quarters (8th grade)

Tyler Goatley

Joseph Pollack

Perfect Attendance

8th Grade

Santara Best

Adrianna Cartwright

Chadd Ellison

Shelbie Loane

7th Grade

Bryon Hogan

6th Grade

Abbigail Cartwright

Donovan Collins

Bailee Lorree Bybee for Farm Bureau Scholarship 1 cc.tif

FB SCHOLARSHIP – Bailee Bybee was one of three recipients of a 2013 Farm Bureau scholarship. A phot of the other two winners, Courtney Hooper and Ginelle Esry of the El Dorado Springs High School, was pubished last week in the Sun. Bailey graduated from the El Dorado Christian School. Funds for the scholarship were made possible from the Farm Bureau pie sales in conjunction with the Stockton Lions Club Chicken Stampede during Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. Farm Bureau thanks those who provided pies and those who purchased them to make the scholarships possible.

Optimist Oratorical Winners 2013 2 cc.tif

OPTIMIST ORATORICAL WINNERS – Ben Vickers, (left) a sophomore at El dorado Springs High School, recently won the West Missouri Optimist oratorical contest based on a theme of “Why My Voice is Important” Vickers was awarded a $2,500 scholarship for the honor. Ben did a wonderful job presenting his speech about the questions posed to him. Ginelle Esry, (right) a senior at El Dorado Springs High School, placed third in the girls’ competition. Debbi Floyd, (center) is president of the Nine Wonders Optimist Club which has participated in the Optimist Oratorical Contest for three years.

Optimist International is one of the world’s largest service club organization with 93,000 adult and youth members in 3,200 clubs in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico and throughout the world. Carrying the motto “Bringing Out the Best in Kids,” Optimists conduct positive service projects that reach more than six million young people each year.

ElDo Elementary Citizens of the Year 2 cc.tif

ELDO ELEMENTARY GOOD CITIZENS OF THE YEAR – El Dorado Springs outstanding male and female students of the year were honored at a year-end assembly. Students were nominated and voted upon for this award by the Elementary staff. It is quite an honor to be chosen for this award. The male Citizen of the Year was 2nd grader, Connor Goatley, son of Brian and Dee Goatley. The female student of the year was 5th grader, Kelsey Burley, daughter of Mark and Jana Burley. Connor and Kelsay are pictured with Tracy Lanser, Elementary principal (left), and Jeni Hearting, Elementary associate principal.