Hartzler and House vote to fight for families by repealing ObamaCare’s broken promises

Posted May 30, 2013 at 12:34 pm

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-4) and the U.S. House have voted to stand with American families by approving repeal of the scourge of ObamaCare.

“When ObamaCare was being pushed through Congress the American people were promised the legislation would lower costs for families and businesses, but that has turned into a broken promise,” said Hartzler. “The Kaiser Family Foundation’s 2012 Employer Health Benefit Survey found that despite President Obama’s repeated promises that families could save $2,500, the average family premium has instead risen by more than $3,000 since 2008.”

“The President promised that any American who liked his or her health plan could keep it, but that turned out to be another broken promise as ObamaCare incentivizes employers to drop coverage to be a part of subsidized insurance in the new exchanges,” continued Hartzler. “A new economic report from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office concludes seven million people will lose their employer-sponsored coverage. Another broken promise was made when the American people were told ObamaCare would create four million jobs. The Congressional Budget Office reports ObamaCare will reduce the labor force by 800,000 over the next decade and the cost to American business due to inability or failure to comply is estimated to be $52 billion.”

“I stand with citizens of Missouri’s Fourth District in opposition to this expensive and unworkable broken promise,” added Hartzler. “I call on the Senate to follow the responsible lead of the House in voting to end this health care nightmare and to work with the House to find solutions to our health care problems – solutions that put power back in the hands of the people to make their own health care choices.”

Congresswoman Hartzler, a resident of Cass County, serves on the House Budget, Agriculture, and Armed Services Committees.