The Rock Wall

Posted June 6, 2013 at 9:42 am

On Thursday from 8 to 9 a.m. tune your AM radio to 560, KWTO. Kimball will be behind the microphone with Tim Keithley in their Meet the Editor series talking about everything El Dorado Springs. You are invited to call into the program to add something about your town. OK, we all know that Kimball is not the editor, she’s the publisher, a lot more important part of the operation than yours truly. But she is the one who performs well in front of a group or microphone.

This KWTO gig comes up every few months and most of the time I forget to tell you, like I usually forget to remind you about Daylight Savings Time. The last time she was supposed to go down was in March with an ice storm predicted. We opted out.

When I took the phone call one evening last week, Tim Keithley greeted me with something like, “It’s been a while since we had you on KWTO.” I replied, “It’s been so long that you forgot it wasn’t me.” Like last time, he tried to convince me that I could do it. He failed again.

If you have something you’d like for Kimball to mention, please call her Wednesday at the office or just wait and call her on the air Thursday morning between 8 and 9 a.m.

-Vickie Price asked me the other day for the obituary of her dad, Cecil Blystone, and the Rock Wall in which I mentioned his passing. She called Monday to correct something I said. His “paintings” didn’t have a drop of paint on them. He built each image with different kinds of wood. Priceless? Guess so, Cecil wouldn’t sell them.

– Betty Floyd solved a little mystery for me Monday evening. Janice Floyd had put in a thank you note mentioning several people who helped her including Betty and Larry Floyd. She had also left a note for me asking if I remembered riding a small school bus driven by Bonnie Smith, which I did, from my first year in school. She then said, “Mom remembered you. Said you was a good little boy.” Which I got over. But she didn’t tell me her mom’s name. I thought maybe she was one of the big kids on the bus who told me later they would get me to tell them my name so they could hear me say, “Kenny Wayne Wong.”

I couldn’t find the number for Janice so I called Betty who told me that Janice’s mom, Bonnie Smith, was the bus driver. I remember her and her husband, Deputy Sheriff George Smith. I think they lived in the house on the first curve on Hwy. EE west of town.

– As I drove out of the parking lot Monday after taking photos of the MFA Station demolition, Fire Chief Owen Elliott was standing in the doorway to Fire Station No. 1. I stopped and told him, “You and I don’t remember when there was not an MFA Station, but we will now.”

Some of my earliest memories are of Herman Hertzberg running the station and Merle Dodd, James Hutsell, Eldon Biddlecome and Lester Barker working there. They had a sign once for a Gas War – 17.9 cents. Gas won.

That was about the time George Barker was running the Elevator. I don’t know who was running the Exchange on St. James but I remember seeing rabbits stacked up by the south loading dock door.

The times they are a changin’.