Bri plays T-ball this year

Posted June 6, 2013 at 9:51 am

by Dora Jean McKinley

Craig Summer, Bob Seaters and Doug Wingate all stopped by to see Tex McKinley. Men talked as usual.

May 15 was Chris and Kyla Entrikin’s 31st wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary Christ and Kyla.

Happy 46th birthday Jim Entrikin. Friday the 17th was the big day.

Marilyn Entrikin attended a friends 90th birthday party on Saturday the 18th.

The rain stopped so the grass could grow. Our lawn mowers are running regularly.

The Balltown Cemetery was looking nice Saturday afternoon. All the flowers were pretty.

Scott Fox from Nevada had Memorial Day supper with Tex McKinley and Dora Jean. Cheesey burgers and potato salad made the meal. Plates were clean when done.

Jim Entrikin brought his grandkids, Bri and Brook, to grandma, Marilyn Entrikin’s, house Monday for a visit. They played and had snacks. Bri is playing T-Ball this year.

Marilyn Entrikin sent Andy a “care box” to Afghanistan this week; all his favorite snacks.

Tex McKinley had Doug Wingate stop by and see him this week. Craig Sumner, Bob Seaters and Dave E. stopped by.

A busy week with lots of things to do. A fun week.

Mary Leer and Marilyn Entrikin had lunch Thursday at Chinese Chef. They went shopping and then to Marilyn’s apartment for a visit.

I saw Tresea Brewer this week. Looking very nice.